Spiritual Intelligence

A significant number of my clients’ main focus is their spiritual journey. Having spent 20+ years as a student and teacher of spiritual development, I am uniquely qualified to offer guidance in this area. It is exciting that spiritual development is becoming recognized in the mainstream, as the solutions to our world’s problems must surely come from those who have high levels of  what is called the big four:  physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Like IQ and EQ, Spiritual Intelligence can now be tested. The SQ21 Assessment, researched and developed by Cindy Wigglesworth, is an online assessment of twenty-one competencies that comprise a spiritually intelligent person. It was carefully created, thoroughly tested for construct validity and reliability and cross-referenced by another respected Harvard instrument. The SQ21 Assessment is both faith-neutral and faith-friendly making it useful regardless of one’s spiritual path. The personalized 20-page report comes with “next step” recommendations on each competency.

Below are the individual package options available:

Assessment and personalized report: $159
Assessment, personalized report and a 75-minute debriefing conversation: $395
Next Steps: A four session coaching package following the Assessment that not only debriefs but offers specific practices for development $700

Recommendations for the SQ21

“There are numerous ways to define ‘spiritual intelligence,’ and thus numerous ways of assessing it. Cindy Wigglesworth has devised one such assessment which is an excellent overview of the process of general spiritual intelligence itself, including developmental variables—and thus one I can highly recommend!”

Ken Wilber
(Integral Institute)

“The Deep Change SQi assessment has been rigorously tested to create maximum clarity for clients. It correlates highly with the ego development theory. Cindy’s approach to coaching with the SQi is an example of best practice for how to use assessment results with clients. Coaches explore with the clients their specific spiritual inner landscapes. Coaches help them discover constricting, outdated beliefs and create openings for expanded perspectives and more soul-full possibilities to enact spirit in the world.”

Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter (Harvard)