December 20, 2020

The planetary alignment for winter solstice 2020 brings the Saturn-Jupiter grand conjunction. Expansion meets restriction. Will it implode or explode?  The choice, I believe, is up to us. Read more

November 11, 2020

Have you ever wanted to create your own oracle or tarot deck but don't know where to begin? It doesn't have to be complex or expensive - find your Muse and make oracular art! Read more

August 7, 2020

Making friends with your house spirit can help create a protective and peaceful living experience but you've got to invest into the relationship. Clear the clutter, make space and get to know your house! Read more

May 12, 2020

These strange times have been a blessing to me as it’s given me an opportunity to pause and reflect. Not only in my spiritual practice but with life in general. I have fallen deeper in love with life, aware of its cruel brevity, and fallen further still into connection with the beautiful Limitless. Read more

April 5, 2020

These are challenging and unusual times we are living in. The future is a chaotic sea of possibility with unpredictable tides but we can cast our nets to haul up treasures from the dark depths. With witchcraft on lockdown, we always have a choice to be kind (and do magick). Read more

February 14, 2020

Once you’ve entered a coven, how can you tell if what you’ve joined is the real deal or you’ve accidentally joined a cult (and not in the Margaret Murray witch-cult sense) instead of a coven? Read more

January 19, 2020

"The lesson I’m taking away from my experience so far is that if you want your magic to work, you have to be willing to move for it." Is there magic in movement? Can you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles by putting yourself into motion? Read more

November 27, 2019

Contemporary witchcraft is a mixed bag. It bears little resemblance to the practice of the continental witches brought to trial in the witch-craze with their blood-fed familiars, bubbling cauldrons full of spare baby-parts and night time booty calls with the devil. Read more

October 17, 2019

A vegan recipe based on traditional soul cakes. Soulcakes were made and given out when people came 'souling' - asking for cake, apples and ale in exchange for a song and prayer around the time of Halloween. Read more

September 6, 2019

"You can colour between the lines as vividly and as messily as you like; you’re free to choose the colours too. Craft your own religion, form sacred rites and do them your way. Be your own kind of priestess." Read more

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