Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead October 12, 2012

I love October. It’s my favorite month. I adore autumn, with the changing leaves, the fresh grey skies, the cool, crisp air, and warm sun (when we had it!). It’s also a month of holidays. Between mid October and early November I feel like it’s my High Holy Days.

Here’s what I’m looking ahead to:

Oct. 15 – the dark moon

Oct. 16-24 – Navratri (Hindu observance of the Goddess in Her Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati forms)

Oct. 18 – Alaska Day (the day the US purchased Alaska from Russia) I don’t really celebrate this, so much as announce it on Facebook.

Oct. 29 – Full moon

Oct. 31 – Halloween! It falls on a Wednesday night this year. The kids are either going as Bowser and Mario or as Mario and Luigi (from the Mario Brothers Nintendo games). This will be the first trick-or-treat experience for both of them.

Nov. 2 – Observance of All Soul’s Day/Day of the Dead, in which our family has a dumb supper

Nov. 3 – Heading up to Seattle for a Feri Samhain ritual

Nov. 4 – Family party to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ Night (officially Nov. 5)

Nov. 6 – We host an election returns party (please vote if you are eligible to!) as the US decides to either keep Obama or give the post to someone new


Of course, in there I also have a host of new appointments (we now have health insurance, so the kids get to see a doctor!), another round of papers to grade, and two other trips up to Seattle, one for Feri ‘class’ and another to see a friend from Massachusetts. It’s going to be crazy in the next month – and I’m excited! I hope to blog about most of the events, including more photos than usual as well.

What do you have on tap in the next month?


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