From Kali to Lakshmi

From Kali to Lakshmi October 19, 2012

The first three days of Navratri have passed. Three days of making purification (via kala), three days of dark red candles and meditating on the fierce love and thunder of Ma Durga, three days of praying that injustice, ignorance and illusion be razed. I have been running the iron pentacle, energetic meditations on sex, pride, self, power and passion. I have been adding an offering a day to the altar. So far I have rice, water, turmeric, and cumin.

Now we shift to honoring Lakshmi, reflection of the beauty of creation, goddess of all that is bright and abundant. This morning I took extra care with my grooming, attempting to add a little beauty into my day. I added a white candle and an offering of sugar. I will be adding the pearl pentacle to my meditations (love, law, knowledge, liberty, wisdom) in the evening, keeping the iron pentacle in the morning for a few more days.

I didn’t get to my devotions early enough this morning, so I had company at prayer time. My little girl sat on my lap and nursed as I said prayers, offered thanks, and petitioned for good things. She is a bright shining face, a gift that gladdens my spirits, and a reminder to be sillier. I think Lakshmi would approve!


May my family and yours be blessed with sweetness and abundance of all good things!

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