Third Trimester Update

Third Trimester Update April 5, 2014
Me, 35 weeks pregnant. Photo courtesy of my 5 year old on my iphone.

Folks, I’m on the countdown to meeting Baby #3. I’m 35 weeks and starting to prepare for anything. My son was born at 34.5 weeks, my daughter at 38 weeks. On top of waiting for Baby, my family is getting ready to move house next weekend. It’s all more than a little stressful, especially since we’re planning on a home birth. There is so much to get organized so that I will feel comfortable birthing!

I am preparing by working on being adaptable and letting go of frustrations as soon as I can. I am relying on my daily Navratri pujas, sometimes long, sometimes short, for spiritual nourishment, as well as a way to petition the gods for their boons and assistance. I am working the Iron Pentacle. I’m taking each day on its own.

That’s what I’m doing personally. As far as the blog goes, I have a list of posts to write, but I’ll be honest: writing now comes last on my list of priorities. I will post new things as I can, but I’m going to start integrating maternity leave in early. I’ll be posting some of my earlier pieces – pre-Patheos – into the current blog.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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