A Simple Candle Healing Spell

A Simple Candle Healing Spell August 8, 2020

I am currently pulling together a simple healing candle spell for a friend who was just hospitalized, and thought might be a good opportunity to show how you can pull together something quickly when needed. We’ll call these Witch in Real Time action, so to speak. If you’re an experienced spellcaster, then you can honestly probably stop reading right here, as this is mainly aimed at those who aren’t as confident. It’s good to see how the thought process can work on the fly.

Choose Technique

All the spells I’ve written for Llewellyn over the years, I’m very partial to just grabbing a candle and getting to work when I need to do some magic. I reached for the small chime candles tucked away on my desk, along with a small candleholder. The candle I’m using is green, for healing, although I could have just as easily chosen white or black as a general-purpose color.

The candle usually gets a heaping charge of intent and then I light it and let it go. But today I’m fighting allergies and a headache, and I’m tired, so getting the candle charged totally the way I’d like it on my lonesome is probably not going to happen. Therefore, I’m going to dress it with some essential oils.

Choose My Oils

I used to have maybe three bottles of oils in the house, but I’ve been trying to use them more for aromatherapy and such this year. So currently there’s a nice little collection going. I pulled out my BOS to look up what herbs were good for healing, then realized I needed to check for healing essential oils instead. Deep sighs as I remember I don’t have a section for that yet and make a mental note to start one in the very near future. Turn to good ol’ Google and find The Aromatherapy Information Blog. (Specifically, this page.) Scrolling down, I find cypress and eucalyptus, both of which I know I have on hand, but don’t use all that often. Great, I’m excited to play with something a little new!

Which should I use? Both? Curious now, I pull my BOS up as a document in Word and search for cypress. Then can’t believe I don’t have such a marvelous sounding botanical anywhere in there. (Make another mental note.) Eucalyptus, however, is healing and purifying. My friend is dealing with blood clots, so that purifying property is a good choice. That’s definitely getting used.

Cypress still sounds like an interesting one to use, though, but what’s it’s herbal magical properties? Get the tablet and pull up my Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. Cypress is most associated with death and was used to build coffins in Egypt, but it’s also associated with longevity, protection, and healing. I want all of those things for them, so cypress is also in.

Small lit candle sitting on a wooden shelf with an oil diffuser, selenite point, and labradorite stone sitting around it.
My spell candle, lit up and at work. Copyright Laurel Reufner

Finishing Up

Now I’m just going to dress the candle with both of those oils, charge the sucker with as much intent as I can muster, and set it alight here on my desk, where I can keep an eye on it.

I’m sure my thoughts will also often wander to my friend during the rest of the day and tomorrow, but I’m going to make sure I cut the metaphorical cord on the healing energy. I’ve learned the hard way not to keep that pathway open. But that’s a topic for another blog post a little down the road.

I think it’s a good idea to see how a witch really works, although we honestly all do things a little differently. Personal style, personality, and beliefs all play a role in how a witch carries out their witchy ways. On that note, please feel free to share your tips or methods in the comments. And, as always, questions are definitely most welcome!

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