One Ring to Balance All

One Ring to Balance All May 9, 2019

I have written a lot of spells over during my time writing for Llewellyn’s almanacs. Ones where you can make something crafty are among my favorites. This wreath for balancing your home’s energies is a simple, easy spell to complete.

The following spell, from 2003, calls for honeysuckle vines, but if you don’t have those where you live, you’ll need to do a little research to find a local vine that’s suitable. (Or see if you can find one in a craft shop. Heck, even a grapevine from Dollar Tree will do in a pinch.) While I enjoy writing spells for publication, I’m also a firm believer that any spell or ritual should be modified or adapted for your particular location, needs, and beliefs. Take what you’ve found and make it your own. Doing so will connect you with the magic you’re trying to work, making it more likely to work out more of the way you want. Remember though that there needs to be a certain amount of wiggle room in any desired expectations in order for the Universe to work.

Honey suckle vine
Honeysuckle Vine

Ring of Balance

Honeysuckle vines

Sm. Objects, herbs or flowers for decorating

Its difficult feeling balanced anywhere in today’s frenzy-paced world. Being able to come home to a nurturing, balanced environment is a necessary luxury anymore, vital to good mental health. Honeysuckle has a calming energy, making it perfect for this crafty spell. Form vines into a small wreath, focusing on home full of balanced, warm, and welcoming energies. Now, decorate the wreath with objects, herbs, or flowers representing the things you feel need brought into your home in order for that to happen. Hang in your home or somewhere safe near an outside door.

Like this spell? Want more spells in future posts? Drop me a note below, letting me know. And if there’s a particular type of spell you’d like to see, let me know that as well. I may already have one written!

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