Spiritual Boundaries and Full Moons

Spiritual Boundaries and Full Moons August 10, 2014
SupermoonSpokaneWAUSA by Astrotool
SupermoonSpokaneWAUSA by Astrotool

Full moons and witches go together like sriracha and rice (hey, it’s my blog, I’ll make my own comparisons, thank you!). Tonight’s moon is this year’s largest supermoon – a full moon that is slightly closer to the earth and thus looks larger than usual. Not only are these moons extra gorgeous, they are extra potent. It’s no wonder I’ve been extra jittery and overwhelmed this week! Over the years I have found that I react to both the full and dark moons. It feels a little bit like spiritual PMS.

When I was in graduate school I started the practice of giving myself a ‘holiday’ once a month. For 24 hours on the day my period started I stayed home, avoided all plans, took the day off from studying, and ate a burger. It radically transformed my month and my relationship with my menstrual cycle. I was able to rest, instead of pushing myself during a particularly draining time. I found that wasn’t as moody and my cramps were less severe.

A few years ago I noticed that I was jittery and moody during the full moons and more prone to introversion and hibernating during the dark moons. I worked the moons into my schedule, making sure to give myself another 24 hour rest period. No plans, extra time in front of my altar for riding the energetic waves, and easing up on my regular work. I felt more rested and found my spiritual practices had more juice.

In the last year I have fallen away from this practice. Buying a house, moving, and having a baby have complicated my schedule and routines, however I need these little breaks now more than ever! I need the extra rest and energetic juice even more now that I have another child to care for!

Only recently have I realized that I’m a more sensitive person than I thought. For most of my life I thought being sensitive meant a person cried easily. I’ve never been a crier (rather to my detriment). I was tough and bold, so obviously I wasn’t sensitive. Except I’ve come realize that I am sensitive: to sounds, to environment, to what people aren’t saying, to the moons, and so on. When I create boundaries in my life that respect that -not taking all three kids to the mall (or going to the mall at all), making sure I plenty of time in grass and trees, making menstrual and lunar holidays for myself – I set myself up for success. My life feels a little more spacious, my spiritual life feels more full, and my magic is more effective.

Last night I left offerings for our house spirit and for the spirits of the land. Tonight I’ll do some prosperity work, as well as some work for the Yezidi people. And tomorrow? It’s the morning after a supermoon and it’s supposed to be 100 degree in Olympia, you better believe I’ll be resting!



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  • pagansister

    And a beautiful super moon it is too!

  • P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

    I’ve been wanting to be more deliberate in tracking the lunar cycle…I also have trouble sleeping more than usual around the full moon, in no small part because of the room where I live, and how the moonlight comes into it and specifically illuminates the (white) bust of Antinous on my main shrine…which is appropriate, given he has many lunar connections, but likewise makes it damn hard to sleep and to ignore him during that time when I need to be sleeping! Eek…!?! 😉

    • I sleep with a sleep mask, just started a few months ago, and I have slept more deeply and soundly than I have in years. Recommended! However, I still get much ‘stranger’ sleep and run toward jitters in general around the full moon.

  • Yep. Sleep around the time of the full moon is always a problem for me. I vet too little. I’ve always been a night owl, and my current career doesn’t allow for that.

    I wish I had the opportunity to live with more natural cycles…but I wish for success in my job more. 🙂