An Uncrossing Spell

An Uncrossing Spell June 5, 2015

It doesn't need to be fancy
It doesn’t need to be fancy

You may notice that I have a new tab up top there marked “Services.”  This is because I am out of school for the summer and have time to do other kinds of work, and also because I’m trying to raise money to go to Scotland later in the summer.  I also plan to teach some workshops on Southern folk magic and other matters…mostly around Atlanta but if you’re interested and within a reasonable distance give me a holler.  I mean, I’m willing to go anywhere, but the logistics and financial aspects of it have to work out. (And before you ask, I don’t teach Faery for money or at a distance or in workshops, sorry.  I can explain why in detail…but that’s a whole ‘nother post).  I thought it might be useful to give you a sense of what kinds of things I am likely to suggest, should you engage my services.

Let me first explain my terminology.  When someone says you have “crossed conditions,” it just means that something is blocking you.  It might mean that someone is trying to put obstacles in your way…or it might mean you are doing it to yourself.  Fortunately, you don’t have to figure that out, because you do the same things to clear your path regardless of the cause.  This is a good thing to do when you’ve been trying something that should work, but just doesn’t.

Another thing to understand is that in conjure, you don’t just do one thing…light a candle, for example…you do several different ones.  Light a candle, take a bath, carry something around with you.  Like so:


Step 1:  Cut and clear

White candle

1 lemon


a dish (preferably white)

Van Van oil (you can substitute olive oil)

Dress the candle with oil, by putting some on your hands and rubbing it on the candle from the middle outward.  Place candle on the plate.  Cut lemons and arrange around the candle, with salt.  Keep lit if possible until it burns down; if not, snuff out and then re-light on successive days (at dawn is best).

Step 2:  Uncrossing bath

Use any THREE of the following ingredients:  rue, vinegar, salt, poke root, rosemary, five finger grass, hyssop, verbena
Octagon soap (you can substitute citronella or verbena soap)

On three or seven or nine successive nights, pour a bath that is as hot as you can stand it and soak three uncrossing ingredients in it.  Make sure to pour the water over your head (I often do this at least three times).  With the soap, wash from your head to your feet, and from shoulder to fingertips, and from hips to toes.

Keep some of the bath water, and dump out under a tree or towards the rising sun, at dawn (obviously) or midnight.


Step 3.  An uncrossing hand

The simplest one is just to carry some Devil’s shoestring with you, dressed with Hoyt’s cologne, Van Van oil, or Florida water and wrapped in a white cloth.  You can add a silver dime for quickness or poke root for serious blocks.

Take particular note of any dreams, especially during the time you are doing the uncrossing bath, or unusual occurrences.  These may give a clue as to the source of the underlying problem.

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