Listen to me talk!

Listen to me talk! June 24, 2015

I’m going to be on Jason Mankey’s podcast “Raise the Horns Radio” here in a few minutes!  Follow the link.


UPDATE:  You can listen to the archived podcast here.  Note:  There’s 18 minutes of music before the actual podcast starts.  I talked about Faery, hoodoo, and revolution. You know, the usual.

"Sorry to see you go, Sarah, but I understand. I've been considering the same choice ..."

So long…
"Ugh! Well, if I have to grit my teeth and visit Wal-Mart for peacock duct ..."

In Praise of Duct Tape
"Somewhere perfectly ridiculous like Wal~Mart."

In Praise of Duct Tape
"SQUEEEEE! Where did you find PEACOCK duct tape? I must have some!!!"

In Praise of Duct Tape

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