February 3, 2023

What happened to me today during Eucharistic Adoration is symbolic of a larger problem in the Church. One of my local parishes offers perpetual adoration, so when I miss it at my own parish I’ll go to their Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Normally I have a great experience and I couldn’t recommend it enough. But not today. Today I was very angry and almost unleashed my inner Karen. They Were Wrong I entered the chapel as normal and took a seat.... Read more

January 31, 2023

Tim Constantine writes: Where does Pope Francis stand on the issue of homosexuality? If you’ve read the mainstream media, you are excused from being unsure of the answer to this question. In recent comments to the Associated Press on the topic of homosexuals, Pope Francis told the reporter, “We are all children of God, and God loves us as we are.” He even went so far as to say it is not a crime to be homosexual. That’s it, then?... Read more

January 29, 2023

The goal of this blog was to analyze news from a Catholic perspective. The first few posts have detailed, in part, my move from anti-Catholic Protestant to committed Catholic. This post will split the difference in more ways than one. One of the reasons I became Catholic is the “both/and” perspective on interpreting Scripture. Too often American Evangelicals see two conflicting ideas and interpret it as black/white and either/or. For example, there are verses that suggest baptism is necessary for... Read more

August 12, 2022

I believe in consistency — hermeneutics should be consistent, interpretations of passages should incorporate what has gone before, and your bar of acceptable proof should be even across all areas of your life. Protestantism just isn’t consistent.  And my previous post laid the groundwork for why I don’t think Protestantism is very consistent with regard to Sacred Tradition.  In this post, I’m going to discuss the concept of high church, how Protestantism lacks it, and why it is biblical. High Church... Read more

July 28, 2022

The Mass readings for today are timely for me. I’ve been feeling the stress lately. I’m on the leadership team for the upcoming ACTS Men’s Retreat for my parish, in charge of the spiritual formation of the retreat team. No small charge for I who have never been on a team myself, having to train people to do what I’ve never actually done. My dad has ongoing health concerns with his liver and his mobility, leading to the onset of... Read more

July 19, 2022

Once I lost two of the five solas of the Reformation, I was back on the pathway to being Catholic. Back when I originally wrote this series of articles in 2011, it bothered me how inconsistent most Protestant theology is with itself. This is what happens, I think, when the organization on the whole just tosses Tradition in the bin. I strongly believe in consistency — hermeneutics should be consistent, interpretations of passages should incorporate what has gone before, and... Read more

July 18, 2022

I thought that for my introductory posts to this blog, I’d chronicle my journey back to Catholicism. Rather sets the tone for a blog entitled “Back Rome Again,” I think! This entire series appeared on my old blog, the defunct Josiah Concept Ministries. I wrote these when I was getting ready for a second swim across the Tiber, although I didn’t know it at the time. Obviously, I’ve edited them to comport with Catholic teaching as I understand it. The... Read more

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