It’s the Best Day Ever!

It’s the Best Day Ever! February 14, 2012

Why? Yes, it’s St. Valentine’s and all that, but guys! Audrey Assad’s new album Heart was released today! I was lucky enough to get a few pre-release copies, and I held a listening party at Steubie. Check it out:

The album is absolutely brilliant. So much of Audrey’s first album is completed by it — the questions asked in The House You’re Building are answered in Heart. (Not that that takes away from mystery and beauty contained in Heart, not by any stretch. The lyrics are just as probing, frank and provoking:

Don’t lie to yourself
O my Soul
Love your God


Far off hymns and funeral marches
sound the same again
my ears are worn and weary strangers
in a strange land…

and all I am is breath and vapor
and shadow
and all I have is what I need
this I know

that I need a new song.

It’s all very glorious, and maintains that rich sacramentalism that makes Audrey’s work so very Catholic, and catholic besides. She’s one of the very few “Christian artists” striving after beauty, and I applaud her for it.

If you never spend money on a single thing I recommend, spend it on this. Buy it on iTunes and Amazon!

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