Music That Doesn’t Suck!

Music That Doesn’t Suck! April 1, 2012

When I heard Audrey Assad was covering Pink Floyd’s masterpiece Wish You Were Here, I thought no! One does not simply cover a legend! But I was being stupid. She rocks it, giving it a brand new depth of loneliness. Shoulda figured. The woman runs through vocal phrases like she’s breathing. Buy it immediately.

And hey, free music! Jars of Clay’s 2012 Spring Tour Sampler! And The Civil Wars, a live CD with their excellent track “Poison and Wine” which you should all hear! (I’m assuming, of course, that you’ve already snagged a copy of Josh Garrel’s “The Sea In Between,” which is still free, and contains the anthem for the coming persecutions — “Though they may surround me like lions/and crush me on all sides/I may fall but I will rise/not by my mind or my power or by the strength of swords/only through your love my Lord.”)

What else? Oh yes, get yourself the free album by Jenny & Tyler, Faint Not, which is Catholic beyond all belief (I’ve no idea if the married couple are Catholic themselves, of course.) There’s a beautiful rendition of Psalm 46 in it for you. And speaking of Catholic:

This one you absolutely must check out — Miguel and the Ocean Swell. They’ve put out an album called “With the Star of the Sea” and it’s chock full of Marian references. It’s got a great 90’s sound to it — The Shins meet The Manic Street Preachers and Oasis?

Also, Built to Spill’s Keep It Like A Secret anyone? Lemme know. I wanna hear what your favorite album of all time is, unless it’s by Casting Crowns.

Happy Palm Sunday! I’m off to a Byzantine Catholic Liturgy!

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