#Synod14 — The Entmoot

#Synod14 — The Entmoot October 9, 2014

The Extraordinary Synod on the Family is in full swing this week, and in my imagination, this is what’s going down behind Vatican walls:


The Patheosi have been busy little hobbits over the summer, writing all kinds of pieces in anticipation of the Synod. I stuck with the subjects I know something about, since narrative, not logic, is my strong suit. I’ve gathered them here in case you’re curious, confused, or just killing time while you wait for Papa Francesco to start throwing giant rocks at Isengard.

Hindrance vs. Hope — Why Baptize if the Parents are in Sin?

I Believe — Help Me Obey

Pastoral Care Must Be Spiritual and Temporal

Happy reading! Please remember to pray for the Synod…Papa asked us to.

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