Why Do We Need God To Mend Our Broken Hearts?

Why Do We Need God To Mend Our Broken Hearts? May 20, 2023

Why Do We Need God To Mend Our Broken Hearts
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One of the most painful things we could ever experience is to have a broken heart. It can come from the loss of a loved one, the betrayal of a friend, or the separation from that special someone in our lives.

This world is not one where we can continuously live in happiness. It’s that place where we often get hurt, and where the very people we loved could be the ones who would make us suffer most.

How do you mend your broken heart?

Some people try to drown their sorrows by being busy with work. They try to ignore their heartaches as much as possible with the hope of forgetting the pain they felt within.

Some people resort to alcohol or even substance abuse. They find it easier to endure their grief through the influence of substances that give them fleeting moments of liberation.

On the other hand, there are those who simply just give up. They vow never to give their hearts again. And they walk through life with a thorn in their hearts, never believing they could ever love again.

Of course there are those also who are fortunate enough to find the right kind of people who could support them while healing. They may have family or friends they could turn to for help. And the compassion they receive from them became the very source of their strength to carry on.

But what about those who do not have such a support system? Or those who think that they’re loved ones already have so much burdens of their own that they can’t even open up themselves to them?

If you ever find yourself in that situation, remember that there is always God.

God in our brokenness

You may have lived your life without Him for a long time and you may doubt whether you could ever find His presence. But instead of doubting, I urge you to simply try. Try to pray and seek Him. Cry your heart out to Him who hears every beating of your heart.

Has the world left you wounded and alone? Has it deserted you at the time you needed to have someone to listen to you?

Jesus also knows how to be abandoned by those closest to Him. He was mocked, scourged and crucified. He was denied and betrayed by those He considered to be His friends.

If you ever need Someone who can understand your pain, it is Jesus.

How can Jesus help you mend your broken heart?

Here are some of the ways God can help you as you try to heal your broken heart:

1. God can help you know that you are not alone

Sometimes, the most important thing that could help us is just to know that we are not alone. It helps to know that we can open up ourselves to someone who can listen to us without judging and who can understand what we’re going through.

2. God can help you rebuild your self-confidence

One of the things that suffer whenever our hearts gets broken is our self-esteem. When someone breaks up from us, we feel that there must be someone wrong with us. We can also think that the other person has probably found someone better.

Let your identity be anchored in God, not in other people’s opinions.

God has created you in His image and likeness, and you have this dignity that no person could ever take away from you.

3. God can help you to forgive

When you finally find that God loves you and is with you, He can also help you to forgive those who may have hurt you.

It’s not easy, and it’s a process that can take some time. But with God, you can begin to forgive.

4. God can help you find hope

One thing that adds to our burden is the thought that things could never be right again.

“Would I ever find someone who will love me the way I deserve to be loved? Can this pain ever go away? Will I ever learn to trust another person again?”

God can give you the courage to hope again. He can teach you that things can change in the future, and that what happened in the past should never define what your future holds.

God and mending your broken heart

You may have put your trust in someone you thought could never hurt you only to be disappointed in the end. Because of this, you feel lost, betrayed and empty. You may not know where to put your trust or your hopes upon anymore.

But if you have God, you will have Someone who can help you heal. It will not be a temporary diversion but a firm and lasting anchor you could hold on to even in the fiercest of storms.

Let God remind you whose you are and who you are. Let Him heal every aching part that is broken. He is the One who can make your heart whole again. Trust Him! He is Love Himself, the kind of Love that can never ever fail.

Jocelyn Soriano writes about relationships and the Catholic faith at Single Catholic Writer. She is the author of To Love an Invisible God and Mend My Broken Heart.

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