Magical Jars…

Magical Jars… May 16, 2016
Magical Jar rachel patterson
Magical Jar

Magical jars: I don’t like to throw things out, I recycle whatever I can and I have a lovely compost heap.

But there are certain jars that I recycle for magical purpose…

Once the contents of a jar have been eaten I hold it in my hand and see what magical energy I get from it, I have found the best ones to work with are honey or pickle jars because honey is brilliant to work spells with and so is vinegar (from the pickles).

I don’t wash them out, I use them as they are.

Vanilla Jar Spell

Today I have an empty vanilla paste jar which actually has that witchy vibe about it because the glass is dark brown and the label is ‘oldy worldy’.  Vanilla carries the magical properties of love, spirituality, sex magic, passion, creativity so it can form the base of a jar spell for any of those intents.

As vanilla is one of my favourite flavours I will use this jar for love, to keep a sense of love for my family and home.  Follow your intuition…and be guided by whatever you have to hand, it shouldn’t cost lots of money and you don’t need to purchase lots of special ingredients. I charged the jar with my intent then added rose petals, cinnamon, jasmine, lemon balm and a couple of small pieces of sea glass (for emotions).

Charging each ingredient as I put them in.  When the jar was as full as I feel it needed to be – I popped the lid on and stuck a candle on the top with some melted wax (OK maybe a bit did drip down the side on purpose to make it look cool…). Once I feel the jar has exhausted itself I might recharge it or if I think it is done then I will dispose of it.  You don’t need to add the candle on top you can just use the jar as it is.

Honey Jar spells

This is a very traditional type of bottle spell. It is basically a jar that has a sweet liquid inside, you then add your magical ingredients such as connections to the person if you are directing it towards a particular individual, herbs and maybe a written charm on a piece of paper this is all topped off by dressing a candle with a corresponding essential oil and then the candle is burnt on top of the jar. You can use a honey or a syrup jar for this working.  Honey is excellent to ‘make life sweet’ or to bring something or some people together it also brings the magical energy of happiness, healing, love, prospertity, passion and spirituality – lots to choose from!

Vinegar Jar spells

Pickle or chutney jars work really well for any kind of protection or fire magic.  Once the contents have been eaten keep the remaining vinegar in the jar and add extra items to it.

Shaking Bottle spells

Shaking a bottle spell once you have set the magic, gives it a bit of a stir up, gets the energy within the spell working, adds an extra oomph to it. If you keep the bottle spell for an ongoing working you can regularly shake it to keep it going.

Anything you want…

Be creative, even an empty tomato sauce bottle would work as tomato brings love, passion, protection and creativity.
Don’t stop with jars or bottles…what about tins?  Once you have emptied the contents into your recipe you could use the tin for magical workings (not so easy to seal though!).

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