What’s your label and where do you fit?

What’s your label and where do you fit? December 6, 2016

Identity label
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Do you label who you are?

When I give a talk or introduce myself I usually feel the necessity to give myself a label. This is to let people know what ‘branch’ of paganism I follow but it can be difficult to pin point it.

Then I question why I feel the need to put myself in a neat little box with a precise label on.  Generally I fight against being compartmentalised…and I think it is a combination of several things:

A lot of people like to feel part of something, they like to fit into a set or group and some people feel the need for a certain and definite identity.  It doesn’t suit everyone but I am trying to justify why I feel the need to put myself in a category.

Perhaps it is because there are so many branches to paganism. Maybe giving yourself a label helps others to understand a little bit about your personal pathway.

My label

My journey started out in Wicca really because it was the only structured learning that was available to me at the time.  And although I completed the three degrees and it gave me a good foundation it is not the path that I follow now.

Venturing off into all sorts of different directions I studied whatever I could get my hands on including hoodoo, Shamanic practices, Hedge Witchcraft, Hawaiian spirituality, Druidry and any manner of other things.  I ended up taking bits and pieces from each avenue and adding them to my own journey.  Now I have created a unique and individual pathway that works for me.

I guess the basis of my pathway is Kitchen Witchcraft but also equally balanced with that of a Hedge Witch. However also in there is a bit of Wild Witchery and then the magical art of hoodoo and folk magic.  My pathway also follows that of the Goddess and I work with many different deities.

Basically I end up introducing myself as a ‘Miscellaneous Witch’.  Although one lovely lady spoke to me after my talk at Witchfest last week and suggested I call myself a ‘cocktail witch’.  This is a fabulous idea including paper umbrellas and plastic monkeys on the side…

Strip it all down and basically I am a Witch, does the flavour actually matter?

And boil it down even further and essentially I am ME…which is the most important thing.

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