A Doggy Witchcraft Connection Boost

A Doggy Witchcraft Connection Boost September 9, 2019

rachel patterson, kitchen witch

The raptor arrives unexpectedly

I have been ‘missing in action’ from my blogs recently.  Life threw us an unexpected new family member, in the form of ‘Eric’, a miniature dachshund puppy.  We were not planning on getting a dog, let alone a puppy and we only had 24 hours notice of his arrival.

That was a full on hectic (and expensive) 24 hours getting the house puppy proofed and all the supplies.  A small dog seems to require a huge amount of items.

It has been many years since I was a dog owner but it all fell back into place.  Chaos ensued…

Having a four month old puppy is similar to having a new baby in the house.  Broken sleep and requiring constant attention.  Although human babies don’t tend to bite your fingers and toes.

The initial training has gone well and he is a very adorable character.  Once the puppy biting stage passes it will be even better.

But it has taken up a lot of my time (and sleep).

Routine chaos

My routine has required me to focus on priorities of work.  Getting my ‘real job’ work done is primary because that pays the bills, everything else has had to wait.  Although I have also squeezed in running Kitchen Witch because that’s important too!

Other things that have been left behind include book writing, blog writing and it also seemed my connection to the Craft had disappeared too.

However, when I had a chance to think about it I realised it hadn’t gone, in fact it had been improved.

My life and daily routine is very different at the moment but it has changed for the better.


I may well be standing in the garden wearing my PJs at 3am waiting for Eric (the dog) to do his business.  But it has also allowed me to connect with the moon phase, the stars and the energy of the air around me at a time of night I would not normally see.  In the ‘still of the night’ (musos should be singing now) and it has been very magical.

It has also pushed me out of the house on dog walks properly exploring the local area.  And we have discovered lots of friendly dog walkers.  Strangers have stopped and chatted about dogs or to pet Eric.  It has instilled a sense of community, we have been pleasantly surprised.

We have also prised the teenagers out to walk in the woods and on the beach.  Fresh air for all and quality family time.

The inside of our home has had to undergo several changes.  My ‘office’ needed to be moved downstairs so that I could be on hand for puppy toilet training.  Which has had the bonus of me now being able to see our garden whilst I work.  Adding to my nature connection and it is a lot more attractive than looking at a blank bedroom wall.

Magical moments

My quiet moments now include a sleeping puppy in my lap, but it is possible to meditate at the same time…mostly.

The rearranging also prompted a clear out of my magical supply cupboard.  A good tidy up and re-jig means they are now easily accessible but also out of puppy reach.  To be fair, he only has short legs so most things are out of his reach.

The garden has been redesigned to stop him from eating the shingle.  We now have a lawn that includes room for me to sit and chill, a space we didn’t have before.

Early morning wake up calls have meant hubby and I now breakfast together in our conservatory.  This has allowed us to take stock of the garden and the daily changes Mother Nature makes to it.  Giving us a chance to connect before the day begins.  And I have also seen more than one sunrise!

We are two months into being dog owners now, and I must admit it has not been easy. Constant attention and focus, broken sleep and being on call 24/7 has been draining.  But the rewards have been huge.

This little soul has stolen our hearts (and socks, and shoes) and improved the way we live our lives completely.

He has indirectly pushed me to connect with my Craft in very subtle but welcome ways.

He is my Witch’s Weiner dog…

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