Working Magic in the Month of July

Working Magic in the Month of July June 29, 2017

Working magic in the month of July

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In the summertime when the weather is hot…

What we often refer to as the height of summer, flowers are blooming the skies are blue there’s not a cloud in the sky and hopefully it is warm.

Spend as much time outside as you can, I like to eat my lunch out in the garden and have spent many an evening sitting outside listening to all the sounds around me sipping a cup of tea (or glass of wine) and chilling with friends and family as the sun goes down.

Keep saving those flower petals and any seeds that start to appear, dry them and put them away for spell work later in the year.

July goddesses

Some suggested goddesses to work with during the month of July


Norse goddess of the sun.  Sol rides across the sky in a chariot every morning from east to west.  The golden glow of her beauty and power warms and nourishes the earth.


Irish battle, hunter and warrior goddess who likes her drink and plenty of it, she also likes to take many lovers.


Definitely a protection goddess, the Hindu deity Durga has eighteen arms, rides a tiger and carries various weapons and sacred objects.   Durga is a warrior but also a mother goddess who teaches those that follow her to work with truth and receive love but also protecting them against all the negative and evil forces in the world.   She destroys and attacks all those negative issues such as prejudice and jealousy and also helps deal with egos and the sins of humans.  Durga is one of immense power and shows just how to triumph over evil.


Often referred to as the Eye of Ra she is the personification of his anger, Sekhmet is an Egyptian goddess of punishment.  She is both creative and destructive in her nature and represents the fire and power of feminine energy.  She is a protector of woman but also brings with her balance and the spark of righteous anger.  Often seen as a curvy lady with the head of a lion.


Goddess of Irkalla the underworld kingdom Ereshkigal is a Sumerian goddess of the underworld.  Ereshkigal is the older sister to Innana/Ishtar.  She is the darkness, the shadows, the unseen side of the unconscious, the ego and the soul.  Ruling the underworld totally she has the sole power to pass laws and give judgement.


Hestia is daughter of Kronos and Rhea and a goddess of family life and the hearth. Her primary functions are patronage of hospitality to guests in an outward sense and family unity in an inward sense.  Greek goddess of the hearth and home, as the goddess of the sacred flame, she is worshipped in the home where she provides protection, security, blessings and warmth.


A Norse maiden goddess of love and war she is supposed to be the most beautiful goddess ever.  No one whether they are mortal or deity can resist her.  She is also the Queen of the Valkyries and in that guise gathers the souls of the dead and the slain warriors to escort them to the afterlife.  Work with Freya for love, happiness and good family ties as well as any sexual or sensual issues.  Her sacred day is Friday and her number is thirteen.  She is also the mistress of cats and poetry.


The Goddess Pele is a Hawaiian volcano and fire goddess. She is known as She Who Shapes the Sacred Land.  Pele is passion, purpose, dynamic action and eternal and profound love. She will bring with her love, passion, creativity, motivation, energy, cleansing, renewal, fearlessness and also protection.


An ancient Gaulish goddess she came over to Britain with the Gauls and Romans.  She is a solar goddess she also rules rivers, the forge and crafts she brings purification, strength and support in difficult times. Her name translates as ‘bright summer’.

gods and goddesses colouring book rachel patterson
Freya from the Gods & Goddesses Colouring Book

July magic

This month should be full of sunshine… so work with the energy that the sun brings.  It is also nearly the time of harvest to work towards the fruition of goals and projects.  Don’t forget to actually harvest; all the flowers, herbs and seeds from the garden, dry them and store for use at a later date.

Work magic in July for:





Will power


Long term goals







Moon magic in July

July’s moon is often named Thunder Moon as the growing heat brings about storms that will hopefully alleviate the sweltering heat of the summer days.  July also marks the start of the decline in the year.   Now is the time to pause, bask in the warmth of the season or rest in the shade, while we stoke the inner fire that burns brightly in us all.

Names for the July Moon include:

Thunder Moon, Mead Moon, Blessing Moon, Corn Moon, Hay Moon

In the Celtic Tree Calendar:

Oak Moon 10th June – 7th July, growth, success, blessings

Holly Moon 8th July – 4th August, celebration, wishes, protection

During this month’s full moon go outside if you can and soak up her energies, let her speak to you and see what names come to you.

Lazy Summer Days Incense

2 parts Frankincense

2 parts Sandalwood

1 part bay

A couple of drops of orange oil

Extract taken from the Arc of the Goddess book by Rachel Patterson and Tracey Roberts

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