Sun Magic Abundance Spell

Sun Magic Abundance Spell July 2, 2019

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New Moon…scratch that…Sun magic abundance spell.

Every new moon for as long as I can remember I have worked a ‘new moon abundance cheque’ spell.

Out come green candles for prosperity and orange candles for success.  Along with corresponding herbs for abundance and money (whatever I feel drawn to use) and often a dab or two of oil blend as well.  Today I used fenugreek and lemon grass herbs and cedar oil with a few dabs of five finger oil to get things moving.

A cheque is written, you can print abundance cheques from the internet.  I write in green pen to add some prosperity colour magic.  A cheque made out to myself to bring money in for the coming month and a thank you to the Universe for doing so.

I draw pentagrams on the back of the cheque and fold it towards me to bring money in.  I sprinkle it and the candles with oil and herbs.

The cheque is then placed in a spell box and covered with more herbs and often a crystal or two.  The box then lives on my altar for the rest of the month until I burn it before starting the new spell again.

Working with the new moon energy draws abundance and prosperity to you, so it is something I have always worked with.

Until today…

Having worked a lot in the past couple of years with sun magic, I realised that it would boost the abundance cheque spell to add in some solar energy.  Why had I not thought of this before?  I work solar spells all the time!

So, today was a little different.  I still wrote out my cheque and used herbs and oils.  But I set my spell out so that the sunlight could fall upon it.  It was actually really warm outside so I sat in my conservatory with the spell on a table in front of the window.  I also worked the spell at 9am so that the solar energy was building up, bringing magic to me.

This time I felt drawn to add in five candles set at the points of a pentagram; one each for wealth, health, wisdom, love and confidence.  With a further candle in the centre for overall success.  I worked this into my abundance spell.  I carved an initial into each spell to represent the intent.  For carving on candles with spells that involve me, I use a tattoo needle that was used for one of my tattoos.  It not only adds in a personal connection to me but the needle works perfectly for carving.  I lit each candle in turn stating the intent out loud for each one.

At the end of the spell when the cheque was safely folded into its box, I felt drawn to pop the candle stubs into the cauldron and leave them out in the full sun to melt.  Often, I leave candles to burn out or I bury them, but as I had been working with solar energy it felt right to leave them for the sun to melt and meld them together.  I will collect the cauldron once the sun goes down and bury the melted remains.

More details

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