Flower Magic Oracle

Flower Magic Oracle January 2, 2020

Flower Magic Oracle

flower magic oracle cards rachel patterson

The magic of flowers in oracle card form…

As some of you will know, I am a keen gardener and love working magic with the plants and flowers that I grow in my small city garden.

So it was a natural move to create an oracle deck that works with those plants.  I decided to focus on all the beautiful flowers.  It was very exciting to see the deck published!

This deck took some time to put together; all of the photographs of flowers used have been taken by me, of plants in my own garden.  I have worked directly with each and every flower. For added imagery each card also includes a ‘witchy woman’.

The booklet that comes with the deck includes not only my message/meaning for each card, but also the magical properties of the flowers. And how to work with them, a magical chant for each and some of their history and myths.

You will find some more unusual flowers in there, perhaps a few that you never thought to work magic with…

The cards will give you insight and guidance.  But also provide you with a tool to help learn more about the magical uses of each flower and some spell working inspiration.

The flower images were all taken by me, the writing in the booklet is my own wording, but the design layout was created by Kate Osborne from Solarus Ltd.

The cards are distributed across the UK by Deep Books and in the USA by Llewellyn.  Available from all major online stockists and some stores, they are also available direct from my Kitchen Witch website.

An absolute labour of love, the flower magic cards allowed me to share my love for the magic that a garden can bring.


The official blurb:

FLOWER MAGIC ORACLE CARDS deal specifically with the potency of ‘flower power’, in all its divinatory and healing forms, to highlight what needs to be looked at in your life and help you to make the changes necessary to bring about growth and harmony, in a most practical fashion. Learn to activate the energies and natural qualities of your very own fruits of Eden used in this age-old craft.

Thanks to the brilliant photography of the author (taken from her very own garden) and the design of Kate Osborne to blend the flower with the message and the ‘wise woman’ messenger, the cards are gorgeous to look at and a delight to work with. And with the UK’s most prolific Kitchen/Garden witch, Rachel Patterson providing the content, the cards are also be both informative and inspiring when you read them. They are gilded, accompanied by a fabulous guidebook and boxed to the high standards our current customers have grown accustomed too.

The set includes 44 full colour cards & a 110 page guidebook

The cards are study and edged with sparkly gold.  They also arrive in a pretty study card box.

A customer review:

“Well made, beautifully finished cards, each one with a picture of a flower from Rachel’s garden. The booklet that accompanies the cards, contains so much more information and uses for the plant. Already loving the readings I am getting from using them, I highly recommend them.”


flower magic oracle rachel patterson

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