Psychic Noodles, Magic Marmite & More Kitchen magic

Psychic Noodles, Magic Marmite & More Kitchen magic December 6, 2019

Psychic noodles, magic Marmite and more Kitchen magic

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When you are wandering around your kitchen filming a live facebook video about magical food and ingredients you can occasionally be struck by inspiration…or madness.

There are several of my blog posts and in fact whole books of mine where I have written about the magical properties of food.  But generally, I cover the ‘usual’ items such as herbs and spices.  Although I also include things such as fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, bread and obviously cake.

On this one particular occasion my mind obviously took me off to another world as I heard myself saying “you can make magic with any ingredients in your cupboards, even if all you have is a Pot Noodle…”  What? Wait?  For anyone across the pond, a Pot Noodle is basically a plastic pot filled with dried instant noodles and a packet of very suspicious looking ‘flavour’.  You add boiling water, sprinkle over the powdered flavour and stir.  Et voila, an instant meal.  They have a bit of a reputation for being inedible…

However, this did make me stop and think, why can’t you use a Pot Noodle for magical purpose?  Absolutely no reason is the answer!  Noodles are basically pasta and pasta carries the magical properties of psychic powers, protection, communication and creativity.  Which means you have a psychic pot noodle!   Add in the flavour, the one I had was spicy curry, and you boost the magic again.

In your cupboards

This then led me on to other more unusual magical items within the kitchen cupboards.

Next was a jar of Marmite (similar to Vegemite).  It is a yeast extract and to me, yeast is all about rising and lifting so it would work brilliantly to give any spell a power boost, or to work magic for lifting your spirits or rising to meet a challenge.

The name Marmite comes from a French casserole dish, the image is depicted on the label of the jar.  The jar itself is also a similar shape to the Marmite casserole dish and interestingly has a definite look of a cauldron about it. Perfect!  This jar can be used for bottle and jar spells working with the base of a cauldron and all the correspondences that brings – Crone magic, feminine energy, inspiration and creativity to name a few.  At a recent talk I was giving (Witchfest International) one of the members of the audience also suggested it would work well for black magic…the Marmite being a really dark colour. I have talked about jar spells before…

Even the kitchen sink

Onwards still and I reached the kitchen sink.   Washing up liquid would work well in magic to clear and cleanse but also to clean up any magical mess, or even spell reversal.  The same goes for washing powder and soap.  The basic function of these items is to clean so it stands to reason they would work magically to cleanse and purify.  If you purchase fragranced soap you could add in magic from the scent as well.

Bleach was next, a harsh ingredient and one I don’t use very often because of the damage to the natural water system.  But it would make a serious ingredient for any banishing spells.

Your cupboards are full of all kinds of items that you can work magic with.  Full on kitchen witchcraft magic!  Have a look behind your kitchen door and see what you can find…




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