The Basics: Candle Magic

The Basics: Candle Magic July 10, 2020

The Basics: Candle Magic

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Candle magic is one of the most popular methods of working magic.  It can be as simple as lighting a white candle and putting your intent into it or going the whole hog and tying in the correct colour of the candle, adding corresponding herbs, anointing with oil, carving runes or sigils, chanting a spell to go with it – or anywhere in between.

The choice is yours, it’s a personal thing, sometimes you may want to keep it simple, other times you may want to add to it – play around with all the various methods and see what works best for you.

What type of candle to use?

Well, the choice is yours.

But for a candle spell you really want one that is not going to burn for days. Candles must not be left unattended, and for candle magic it is usually best to use a candle that will burn out in a short time. Tea lights are good, as are votives, small beeswax candles or even birthday cake candles.

What colour?

A basic white candle is good and covers pretty much every intent.  However if you want to add power to your intent pick a coloured candle that mirrors your objective.


If you want to add more intent to your candle, you could carve a rune or sigil into it.  Use a toothpick or a small knife and just carve your design into the candle itself.   For instance in a love candle spell you could carve a simple heart.   Again this is another area where you can go with what feels right for you.

Dressing your candle:

To add even more power to your intent with your candle spell you can add scent to it, either in the form of anointing with oil or with the addition of herbs. If you have a votive or small candle you can anoint it with your chosen oil (dip your finger in the oil and rub it on the candle from top to the middle and then bottom to the middle) and then roll it in ground up herbs.  If you are using a rolled beeswax candle you can if you are very careful, warm the candle in your hand and gently unroll the beeswax then sprinkle the herbs inside and roll it back up again.  If you are using a tea light you can add a few drops of your chosen oil and a sprinkle of herbs.  If you have a glass votive holder you can place the candle inside and sprinkle the herbs around it.

Whilst you are anointing your candle with the oil and/or rolling it in herbs, it is important to visualize your intent at the same time, again adding to the power of your intent.  By ‘charging’ the herbs and oils as you add them to the candle you are adding power to your spell.

Pinning your candle:

You can also use a straight pin in your candle spell.  This is where you place a pin into your candle at the spot where the magic will be released.  Once the candle burns down to the pin and releases it the spell is done.

When should I work candle magic?

Well, again this is up to you.  If you have a need to do the working right now…then do it.  If you want to add a bit of oomph to your candle magic working then you could correspond it to the phase of the moon.

Do I need to cast a circle for candle magic?

Now I know you are probably fed up with hearing this by now, but it is your choice. Generally I don’t bother if I am doing the spell working at home as my house is regularly smudged and protected.  However if you are dealing with spirit, or negative energies then I would say it is a wise precaution. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate ritual with quarter calling and bell ringing.  Walk deosil around the area you are going to be doing your working in, visualize a bright, white light forming a circle, then forming a dome around you.  When you have finished your working, walk widdershins around the area visualizing the protective circle dissipating.

Now what about the spell itself?   

If you are good with words then a short chant works well, rhyming is good too.  Make sure your intent is clearly stated; make sure it is worded correctly with no room for misinterpretation.  I usually end my spells with ‘an harm to none’ just to make sure I am covered.  Decide if you want to make it a long chant or a short one, a short one can always be chanted several times over.  There are plenty of spells in books and on the internet; I have included some here as well. However personally I feel that a spell will work much better if it is personalized for you.  So if you use a spell written by someone else, how about just tweaking it a bit so that it has that added bit of you in it?

Then what?

Well, you have got your candle, you have dressed it if you wish, you picked the day and moon phase (again if you wish), then what happens?

Set the candle in a suitable holder; place any other items around it – crystals, tarot cards etc if that is what you have decided upon.

Settle yourself comfortably in front of the candle.  Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself.  Light the candle and start with your spell or chant.  As you say the words focus your intent in your mind.  Visualise what you want to happen, how you want the spell to work.  Send the energy of your intent into the candle itself.

When you have finished your chant and your visualization leave the candle to burn itself out.

Now what do I do?

Take the candle stub and any remains of burnt herbs etc and dispose of them, burying in the garden is good.  If you have used any crystals it is a good idea to cleanse them – under running water, with salt or incense or however you prefer to do so.

Then let the universe do its work.   However, if you have worked a spell to gain something you want – a job, a new love etc.  You may have to do some leg work yourself.  If you are after a new job but haven’t actually got out into the world and looked for one then it’s not going to happen.  Even magic needs a helping hand sometimes 😉

I also like to give a little offering after working magic, even just to water the garden, feed the plants or leave some food out for the birds.


Candle Magic Prosperity Spell

What you will need:

A green candle

Optional herbs & crystals:

Jasmine or jasmine essential oil (for money)

Poppy seeds (for money & luck)

Pine needles or pine essential oil (for money)

Malachite (for money & success)

Green tourmaline (money)


What you do:

Dress your candle with the oils/herbs.  Place it in a holder and put the crystals around the base.

Light the candle and focus on the intent.

Say three times:

Lord & Lady help us to be

Good with finances and money

Guide us to financial good

Abundance, prosperity and guidance should

From financial worry set us free

So mote it be

Allow the candle to burn out.





Watch the video below to see me talk about all of the above and more…


Information taken from Pagan Portals Kitchen Witchcraft by Rachel Patterson

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