Working Magic: Yule/Winter Solstice Spells

Working Magic: Yule/Winter Solstice Spells December 11, 2020

We could all do with a little boost to our abundance and prosperity at this time of year.  Here I share a couple of ideas to work magic with your festive decorations and bring positive energy into your home.  I have used prosperity as the intent, but you could work magic with them for anything.

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Tree magic

Most of us will be putting up a tree to decorate.  It doesn’t matter if it is a real pine or spruce or an imitation one.  The important aspect is that it is a Yule tree.  Green is an excellent prosperity and money colour.  With the abundance of needles on a pine tree it also corresponds nicely with bringing in money.  Add in the money magic by decorating with baubles and tinsel that represent wealth.  Green and gold are perfect colours, silver works too and red adds a bit of fiery power to it all.

You will need:

A Christmas tree (any size)



Tinsel or other decorations

Once your tree is set up add your lights.  Then you are ready.

I like to bless my tree first.

Stand in front of the tree and reach out your hand to touch the branches.


With the blessings of the year

Let’s get this abundance magic into gear

Festive fun and joy about

Let’s give prosperity a shout

Now hold each ornament in your hands and visualise money and prosperity coming your way.  You may even like to trace a pound or dollar sign with your finger into each item.

As you hang each bauble, decoration or tinsel on the tree say:

Decorations shiny and bright

Bring wealth and prosperity to light

Money and abundance come to me

With the power of the festive Yule tree

Once your tree is fully decorated it should positively be singing with money magic energy.

Festive scent

A huge part of getting into the festive mood for me are the scents that we associate with this time of the year.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and orange for example.  All of them together just bring up childhood memories of fabulous Christmas times.  Each of these spices are packed with magical properties and a lot of them work well for prosperity and success magic.

This is an idea to fill your house with the scent of Christmas whilst working some powerful money magic at the same time.

You will need:

A saucepan half filled with water

Two cinnamon sticks – for success and positive changes

Half a nutmeg (grated) – for money and luck

9 cloves – for money

1 orange, sliced – for generosity, energy and happiness

3 slices of root ginger or a teaspoon of ground ginger – for success and prosperity

1 star anise – for good luck

You can use all or some of the above ingredients, experiment and see which scents you prefer.

Pop the ingredients into the pan of water and put on a low heat.  Stir clockwise and say:

Spices filled with money magic power

Prosperity, abundance and success on me will shower

Leave the pan on a low simmer until it fills the house with a beautiful festive scent.  Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t boil dry.  You can top up the water if necessary.

Once you are finished the water can be poured onto the earth as an offering.

Magic tips

Keep some of the pine needles from your Christmas tree. Pop a few in your purse and some under your front door mat.  Pine symbolizes money and prosperity and helps keep the money coming in.

Chestnuts are a big part of the festive scene.  They bring with them the magic of success, abundance and prosperity.  Eat them roasted or pop a bowl of chestnuts in your home to bring the magic in.

Sweeping Spell

There is an old folk tradition that says on the first day of the new year open your back door and let out the old negative energy.  Then open the front door to let in the new year fresh and positive energy.  So, this spell works with that idea.

You will need:

Incense stick/cone or a scented candle (and holder)


Open the back door of your house and the windows.  Starting at the top of your house.  Light the incense or candle.  Go into each room and walk anti clockwise around. (Anti clockwise removes negative energy).  Waft the incense smoke or candle scent around the room and into each corner.  As you do so, say:

As the old year fades away

Clear out the negative energy today

Do this in each room, working your way around each room upstairs then moving downstairs. Ending up by your back door.

Stand at the doorway and say:

Out with the old, the bad and the debt

So mote it be!

Now close the back door and the windows then open the front door.

Starting from that point go into each room downstairs and walk clockwise (clockwise brings the positive energy in).  Go around each room wafting the smoke or scent into each corner.  Say:

A new start, a new year

Bring money and prosperity to me, right here

Work your way through each room and then upstairs.

Once you have done every room leave the candle burning safely if you wish or snuff it out. Let the incense burn out.

Finally say:

Blessings of prosperity are welcome to this house

Make it so!

Then close the front door.


To watch me chat about these spells and some Yule craft ideas, click the video link below

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