Pagan Talks…for free!

Pagan Talks…for free! June 8, 2021



Recently I was honoured to be a part of a weekend of talks, hosted by the publisher Moon Books.

A whole host of Pagan authors gathered together to give talks about various subjects, and all for free.

Some talks were individual speakers, others were panels gathered together to discuss a certain subject.

The event ran from the Moon Books facebook page and you can find all the replays there…

If you prefer, the talks have also been uploaded to the Moon Books YouTube channel.

The list and links

Here is a list for each talk and a link to YouTube.

Rachel Patterson – The Element of Earth

Mabh Savage, Debi Gregory, Fiona Tinker – Pagan Parenting

Luke Eastwood – Trees – spiritual and practical lore

Andrew Anderson – Artio & Artaois, the Celtic bear gods

Lucya Starza – Magic for the month of June

Elen Sentier – Treading Elen’s Ways

Chris Allaun – Spirits of the Otherworld

Kenn Day, Imelda Almqvist, Kelley Farrell – Shamanism: Ancestral medicine, animism and eldering

Ellen Evert Hopman – What do we really know about the Druids?

Morgan Daimler, Mael Brigde, Erin Aurelia – The Goddess Brigit

Cyndi Brannen – Hekate’s help desk

Julie Brett, Frances Billinghurst, Jane Meredith – Spirituality from the Southern Hemisphere

Elen Sentier & Rachel Patterson – Shooting the Wild Witch Breeze

Robin Herne, Brendan Howlin, Andrew Anderson – The Druid Dudes

Kylie Holmes – Runic magic, using runes in divination

Steve Andrews – Herbs of the Sun, Moon and planets

Hearth Moon Rising – Staring back at the deer

Robin Corak – Demeter, dealing with grief and loss

Laura Perry – Deathwalking: Psychopomp work in the modern world

Jhenah Telyndru – Shapeshifting and sovereignty

Taren S Witchery – The Magick of the Psalms

Morgan Daimler – Irish Gods and Fairies

Irisanya Moon – Magick of the heart


A huge big thank you to the Moon Books editor, Trevor Greenfield for planning the event and to all the wonderful speakers.

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