Multimedia and papers

This page gathers together both audio/video and some essays I consider “major,” arranged in rough chronological order.

  • “The Rediscovery of the World of the Old Testament”
  • “Why Bible Translations Differ: A Guide for the Perplexed” Religious Educator 15:1 (2016)
  • “The Israelite Roots of Atonement Terminology, ” BYU Studies 55:1 (2016)
  • “Ben Carson, Science, and Seventh-day Adventists.” Religion&Politics
  • “Truth, Scripture, and Interpretation: Some Precursors to Reading Genesis,” FAIR Conference, July 2017
  •  “Mormonism as Rough Stone Rolling: Towards a Theology of Encountering the World,” Maxwell Institute Summer Seminar paper, July 2017
    • Not yet posted
  • “Genre and Misreading the Bible,” LDS Perspectives Podcast, July 2017
  • “Early LDS Attempts to Reconcile Scripture with Science: Pre-Mormon Pre-Adamites and Intellectual (In)Dependence,” Mormon History Association Conference 2017
  •  “Reading the Old Testament in Context,” October 2017 Sperry Symposium at BYU,
  • “What’s Going On in Genesis 1,”LDS Perspectives podcast
  • “The Scientific Deformation and Reformation of Genesis: How Science Messed it Up, but Also Fixes It,” February 2018 Mormon Studies Conference at UVU
  • March 2018, “An Essay on the Nature of Prophetic Knowledge”
  • “Prooftexting and Understanding the Bible as a Missionary Tool,” LDS MissionCast