Jumping Back In

Jumping Back In April 24, 2018

I’m feeling lots of feelings all at once. It feels oddly familiar, like a brand new adventure, like something I am not equipped for, and like something I’ve been needing to do for a long time. Since starting my original blog years ago, a lot of life has been lived. That time has been marked by deep sorrow, incredible joy, and a few days somewhere between the two. I’m excited to jump back into the odd space of publicly sharing your thoughts and opinions, but also nervous because the world feels so different these days. We all know it and hear about it all the time – the polarization of our country, the disunity in the church…its palatable and intense.

This space will look different than it used to (although all of my old posts will be accessible through this space as well). I will discuss things beyond immigration as my understanding of the intersectionality of issues has expanded. This will be personal, reflective, political, and honest. More than all of that, my hope is that it will be grounded in, drenched with, and covered by Jesus.

I will write about how my faith and understanding of Jesus informs the way I view controversial issues, many of which I don’t think should be controversial to begin with.

I won’t always be right, and that’s ok, because it really isn’t about being right. This is about processing the world around me, through the lens of Jesus, with anyone out there who wants to join me on this journey.

I’d like to lay out some ground rules to guide this space and all who chose to interact here.

This will be all about Jesus, His work in the world, and specifically, His work in me.

Because of Jesus, I hope to never contradict the image of God in anyone ever. And by anyone, I really, truly mean anyone.

Also because of Jesus, I will challenge myself and others to see all things through this lense.

If  I miss the mark, please call me out with grace.

I’m looking forward to seeing what will unfold here.

More to come…



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