Pagan Fiction Authors Coming Together!

Pagan Fiction Authors Coming Together! February 14, 2017


Did you know that many of your favourite Pagan authors write fiction too? And did you know that there’s a lot of great fiction out there written by Pagan authors? Pagans have unique perspectives to offer to the world of fiction, from a deep understanding of ancient mythologies to unique character relationships that break the standard mould.

I’m pleased to announce that on Sunday, March 12, I’m hosting a Facebook event to bring Pagan fiction writers and readers together.

Authors take over the event page for one hour each and post whatever they like.  Traditionally this includes introductions, FAQs, personal info, social media and website links, and most importantly, teasers, trailers, and giveaways or contests for ongoing prizes.  Posts appear about every 2-5 minutes during an author’s slot.  It’s a great way for people to meet and learn about writers and their work, and it’s especially good for indie authors, who rely strongly on word-of-mouth.  And since Paganism is by definition a niche market, we have a lot of indie authors among us!

I was invited to participate in a similar event and this sparked the idea to create one specifically for Pagans.  I know there’s a lot of writers in the Pagan community who are known for their Pagan work but who get little press for their fiction.  And, let’s face it – being Pagan sometimes means that your writing is likely to reflect your beliefs and lifestyle, which is likely to appeal more to other Pagans.

We have such a great line-up so far!  It includes both people who are known in the Pagan community who happen to write fiction, and people who are known in the indie fiction writers’ community who happen to be Pagan.  Some are just starting out, and some are established professionals.  The current list includes Frances Pauli, Sarah Buhrman, Treesong, Brendan Myers, Shauna Aura Knight, T.A. Moorman, Samantha Noscera, and Graeme A. Barber.

There are two slots still available!  Interested authors are invited to contact me at my Twitter account, the event page, or by email.  All genres are welcome, so not all portions of the event are family-friendly.

We will be kicking things off at 10 am PDT.  The event finishes at 9 pm PDT.  What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?  This event is FREE, but we are happy to accept donations, which will be divided up among participating authors as a gratuity for their appearance.  If you’d like to contribute to this, just follow the “tickets” link in the event posting.

I’m celebrating the release of my new fantasy-Western serial, the Wyrd West Chronicles, on the Equinox, beginning with the first novelette, Showdown.  It will be available for pre-order by March 1.

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