From the Shadows: My Thoughts on Charlottesville

From the Shadows: My Thoughts on Charlottesville August 28, 2017

no-nazis-swastika1Have you ever wondered what you would have done in the Holocaust? Or during the Civil Rights Movement?

You’re doing it.

Right now, you’re doing it.

Think about that.  Think about it really carefully.

I have a video where I’m talking about this. I’ve been hesitating over posting it here, because I’m blunt. I swear a lot.  Because I’m upset, and I’m angry, and I can’t believe that the moment that most of the people of living memory who experienced World War II are gone, we have jumped right back into to making all the same mistakes, when we grew up promising “never again.”

I feel like Cassandra, screaming into the wind.

I see a pattern developing here.  If you don’t see it, you need to read some more history.  Go back and study Germany; not during WWII, but starting in about 1932 and following the politics.  Tell me you don’t see a pattern.

I’m not the only one who’s been saying this, either.  We’ve been dismissed as alarmists.  But everything we’ve said would happen, has.

The ghettos are the inner cities, divided by economics and race.  The concentration camps are filled by the “war on drugs.”  You don’t want to believe it’s happening, and if you do, you’re afraid to get involved.  But you can’t help but be involved.  You live here.

No, the numbers aren’t as high.  No, the discrimination isn’t quite as blatant.  But the horrors are no less horrific, and if I had any doubts as to intentions, those doubts were dispelled last week.

So what do I want you to do about it? I want you to stand up, speak out, resist!  I want you to come to the defense of the persecuted!  I want you to call out injustice!  I want you to stop drawing parallels between the people causing the problem and the people trying to fight it.

Please don’t let history repeat itself. Thank you.

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