Sherlock the Dragon!

Sherlock the Dragon! June 20, 2011

My elves in Hobbiton have been busy, and so has Peter Jackson.  First of all Evangeline Lilly (aka Kate from LOST fame) has been cast to play a sylvan elf, though Jackson has warned there will be no romantic twist with Legolas (aka Orlando Bloom)— darn!    Secondly the much praised Benedict Cumberbatch  (you have to be good with a name like that) who plays Sherlock Holmes on the new Sherlock series on the BBC, has been cast as…….wait for it…… Smaug!    I can imagine Sherlock having dragon breath, but being a full-fledged dragon…….welll.     Barry Humphries will be playing the Goblin King in a motion capture suit like Andy Serkis who plays Gollum.

Jackson confirmed that the first round of filming is complete, and they are now looking at various new locations.   Stay tuned!

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