Another Irish Blessing— Foynes

One of the more amazing, and lesser known, spots in all of Ireland is the little seaside village of Foynes. It’s not on the major tour routes and stops like Blarney Castle or Galway or Dublin. But it certainly deserves a visit, because the first Transatlantic passenger flights landed in the bay next to this little town, and also because here is where Irish coffee was apparently invented. The first Transatlantic flights that were not pure solo flights, were in… Read more

The Third Nero— A Novel by Lindsey Davis

‘The Third Nero’ is the fourth novel in the Flavia Albia series, and in various respects it is the best of the four. It is a novel that those who are interested in the setting of the Book of Revelation should read, for here we find a rather paranoid Rome, frightened by various wars, and especially by the prospect of attack by the warriors of Parthia with their famous archers, and equally frightened by their own paranoid megalomaniac Emperor, Domitian,… Read more

CKB on the Transforming Power of the Gospel

If the Gospel of Christ has not the power to make bad persons good, we can shut up shop at once. We have nothing else to do. If it can be seen and known in this town that Christ can take lives that are evil and make them pure; lives that are pointless and make them powerful; lives that are hopeless and sorrowful and make them glad with a peace that passes all understanding—then this city is going to sit… Read more

CKB on Compensatory Boasting

It is the most natural thing in the world to want something to be proud of, something to glory in. You can see this quite clearly the whole string of compensations which modern life has to provide for people. In modern life, because that is what we know best and also because much modern medicine today means the giving to people of drugs and stimulants for which they clamor, I say you can see it in the artificial compensations of… Read more

CKB Quote of the Day— Apostolic Succession, or the success of the apostolic Gospel?

(St. Patrick statue) Whenever the Church bases its own life and validity of its ministry on a line of succession connecting it with Augustine of Canterbury or Peter of Rome it is committing the same blasphemy against the sovereign freedom of God to choose his people in creative love, from generation to generation. Of course, the claim to an unbroken succession is bad history, but it is worse than that, it is bad theology. John Wesley called the so-called “apostolic… Read more

The Free Nature of Love—- A CKB Quote

(Elvet Methodist Church where CKB often preached in Durham) If God had been intending to coerce all human beings into accepting the risen Jesus by a manifestation of unmistakable supernatural power, he might have saved himself the trouble and pain of the Incarnation. Why go through all the motions of the ministry of Jesus if in the end all people were to be dragooned by main force into the right camp? Practically, and that is not quite the same as… Read more

Quote of the Day from CKB

And what matters is this—if you think, and there are no difficulties in this, of a world that has gone wrong, there are two ways of putting things right that simply would not work. One is that God should simply step in and stop all the folly and wickedness at a blow. Of course, he could; but to do so would mean that we human beings were not being treated seriously as moral and responsible beings. The other is that… Read more

Quote of the Day from CKB

(This is Abbey House on Palace Green next to Durham Cathedral. This is where CKB had his office and his seminars) And how do we learn the reality of God and the life of Christ? In the end, there is only one answer, it is one we do well to remind ourselves of today. “Unless you turn and become as little children, you shall by no means enter the Kingdom of God.” If we today are to visit Christ at… Read more

US and Them— Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

My sister and I and our good friend the tune dude, Jeff James, have a tradition of taking a road trip in the summer and going to see a concert. This summer’s musical road trip was to Columbus to see ‘the last man standing’ of the original Pink Floyd lineup, since David Gilmour is basically done with extensive touring, namely Roger Waters and his enormous visual extravaganza. You’ll soon see what I mean. I’ve been to many hundreds of concerts… Read more

A Welk— Not Lawrence

Take a good hard look at what I’ve got in my hand. The pictures do not do it adequate justice at all. This little intricately designed conch shell, or welk is so tiny and yet so beautiful, so artful. And you have to ask yourself— what is the point? Obviously welks don’t float around in the sea admiring each other’s looks. And much of the symmetry and beauty of the spiral design has no real or at least little functional… Read more

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