Beverly Gaventa’s When in Romans— Part One

B. Gaventa, When in Romans: An Invitation to Linger with the Gospel according to Paul, (Baker, 2016), $22.99, 130 pages of text.In a preview of coming attractions (because Professor Gaventa is currently working on a commentary on Romans), When in Romans: An Invitation to Linger with the Gospel according to Paul, provides us with a glimpse of the helpful and sometimes provocative ways she reads Romans. While this volume is brief (130 pages of text, counting bibliography) it is by no means … [Read more...]


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Do We Live in a World of Post-Truth?

According to the OED (the Oxford English Dictionary), the new word of the year for 2016 was--- post-truth. We have talked about post-modernity, and post-Christianity, but now, it appears we have to talk about post-truth. I am quite sure that there is a connection between talking about post-Christian culture and post-truth, at least when it comes to the issues of epistemology (how we know what we know), theology, and even what counts as reality. So, a few comments are in order about post-truth. … [Read more...]

A CKB Quote for Inauguration Day

This is where we can and must talk about Christianity and politics, Christianity and the social order. We are commanded to glorify God in these departments of life. We are not to think of ourselves as our own. A sermon is not the place to work this out in the details of economics and I don’t propose to lower my office as a minister of the Word. But it is well within my office to ask whether a system, whatever it be, which tolerates extremes of wealth and poverty, or which lives by propaganda … [Read more...]

Shocking News— Conservative Churches are Growing, and Liberal Ones Dying

Check out this article. to alert reader Jim for the heads up. BW3 … [Read more...]

Do Christian’s Stand Out?

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Quote of the Day from CKB

The only really convincing explanation of the world must assume that it was made by God, but that raises difficulties. What about the evil in the world? So, the only God that satisfies the conditions is the God whose Son was incarnate and by taking upon himself human nature and suffering and dying makes atonement for human beings and so redeems them from the bondage of corruption. God is true, and God is living. That is to say, he is not only reality, he is creative reality. God is not … [Read more...]

Patriot’s Day— This One’s Personal's Day is a holiday pretty much unique to Boston and Massachusetts. You have the Boston Marathon, and always a Red Sox home game, usually early in the day. Over a half million people in the greater Boston area come out to watch the race which ends on Boylston St. near the Prudential Center. Unlike many marathons, the Boston marathon is not an out and back race or a circular race, it is a race from the little towns just outside Boston into … [Read more...]

CKB on the Prophetic Witness to Jesus

The whole Bible is a book about Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God. This does not mean that it is an Old Moses’ Almanac, nor need we suppose that the prophets always knew how these words would be fulfilled. It is probable that there were some initial disappointments. This may well have been true about Isa. 53 (in a small way a preacher sometimes finds this). See also Jer. 31.31ff. The root fact is that the prophets are always talking about the same God who sent his Son into the world. The … [Read more...]