Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm– Part Five

BEN: Another thing that puzzled me was you don’t ever discuss the Hebrew concept of shaliach, or agent--- “a man agent is as himself”. The agent of a person who sends him out as a messenger or active emissary has authorized the agent to speak for him and as him and act for him, but his is clearly a derived authority. It seems to me that this better explains the places where the ‘malak’ who is clearly not God in any sense, speaks and acts for God, for instance in the Abraham and the three visit … [Read more...]

Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm– Part Four

BEN: In various places in the OT, seeing the idea and presence of the divine council seems a no brainer. But I must confess I have a hard time seeing it in the Garden in Genesis. God’s appearance in the Garden after the sin, doesn’t really tell us what things were like before then, and the angels who guard the back door when Adam and Eve are expelled, do not seem to be in evidence before then. And to press one more point, nothing in Gen. 1-3 suggests that a mountain is in view, only a gar … [Read more...]

Michael Heiser’s The Unseen Realm– Part Three

BEN: Much of your case depends on the starting point of what’s going on in Eden. I completely agree with your repeated argument that God created those in his image with a measure of freedom of choice, indeed the power of contrary choice. This is unlike what Jonathan Edwards once suggested, namely freedom of choice means one doesn’t feel compelled to do X or Y, even though your choices were decided in advance by God’s predeterminations. In other words, God programmed risk into his plan from t … [Read more...]

Michael Heiser’s– The Unseen Realm Part Two

BEN: Let’s address a difficult issue. You are arguing, rightly in my view, that we must understand the OT in light of its ANE contexts. Fair enough. But what happens when we realize that the OT writers are borrowing ideas and terms from mythological literature in these other cultures. Are we supposed to simply embrace the mythology as if it was reality? For example, as you point out, the ancients thought stars were heavenly beings, the heavenly host, not merely pieces of inanimate m … [Read more...]

Michael Heiser’s– The Unseen Realm– Part One

BEN: Mike, first of all, thanks for a terrific read in your book the Unseen Realm. In an age of over-specialization, there are few ‘big picture’ books out there like this one either in terms of doing something comprehensive to describe the spiritual realm and its inhabitants or to try and see how this helps us understand all of Biblical theology from Genesis to Revelation. What really prompted you to write this book?MIKE: A couple of things. First there was the process of navigating … [Read more...]

Interpreting the Bible in Context—- Arnold and Witherington

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Arguments for the Existence of God IV– The Fine Tuning of the Universe

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Arguments for the Existence of God III– The Contingency Argument

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Arguments for the Existence of God II– The Cosmological Argument

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