Isn’t it Ironic— Revisited girls loved this whiny song and singer. I think this parody is better :) … [Read more...]

The Spectre in the Shadows– the New Bond Film

bonding one of the most remarkable phenomena in all of entertainment is the continued worldwide popularity of the James Bond films, despite running through numerous actors, plots, scenarios, degrees of fidelity to the original Ian Fleming novels (which I read as a teenager). And most recently of course, we now have a man, Daniel Craig, who not only looks the part more than almost all of his predecessors (some still prefer Sean Connery), but also … [Read more...]

A Notable Baptism….


My Mom, who lives in her home town of Wilmington N.C. often sends me newspaper clippings, and sometimes the material is blog worthy, this being such a time. Here is a picture of a man who was baptized in the Fifth Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church in Wilmington in November of 1880.The man's name was Charles Jones Soong. This story was told because two weeks ago in that same church his great grandson, Michael Feng, a NY city financial adviser, will be baptized in the same church. So who … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Some Football?– Part Three


I've been saving the best part for last, namely the $46 million dollar score board, which is of course larger than any other one on the planet. By comparison, the old Texas stadium where the Cowboys used to play only cost a mere $45 million to build. Here are two shots to give you some sense of the size of the scoreboard.Let's just hope that little thing never falls on the field when anyone is below. Among the many statistics I could dazzle you with, here is a basic fact sheet courtesy … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for some Football?– Part Two


There never would have been a stadium like AT+T in all likelihood, had there not been a very successful Cowboys franchise for Jerry Jones to buy. He does not own the stadium, or better said, he is a minority owner of it along with the town of Arlington Texas where it is located. If you are not overcome by the triptofan effect of turkey yet, you may remember that Tom Landry, an excellent coach, and also a devout Christian, is the man really responsible for the building of the Cowboys into a … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Some Football? Part One


It's only appropriate at Turkey Day time that we speak of that other religion in America that is celebrated on that day--- I'm referring to football of course, and the epicenter of football mania is of course Texas. Shoot, even High School ball is on TV down there with regularity. And of course it is also true that 'everything is bigger in Texas'. Take for example the stadium you see depicted above (N.B. all these pictures are taken by your truly). During a recent visit to do an event in … [Read more...]

John Barclay’s Paul and the Gift— Final Part

[The following are the verbatim conclusions from John's book,reprinted here by kind permission of Eerdmans]Chapter 18: ConclusionsThis book has offered a new approach to the concept of “grace,” a new analysis of Second Temple theologies of divine beneficence, and a new reading of Galatians and Romans through the lens of Paul’s theology of grace. We may summarize its distinctive contribution under five heads.1. Grace as Gift: Since both Paul and his contemporaries used the normal … [Read more...]

Steven Saylor’s Wrath of the Furies


As we will soon realize with the coming of the mega-event--- the Star Wars reboot at Christmas, it is very difficult to pull off a prequel successfully when it comes to putting real tension into the story line. Why? Because you already know what happens to the protagonists in the story when it comes to living and dying. Obviously, they live, because there are a variety of adventures already chronicled from later in the person or person's lives. So there has to be other ways to put tension … [Read more...]

John Barclay’s Paul and the Gift– Part Twenty One

panion to this one... if we are not both exhausted and if we are still game then.Blessings to you and yours, and we at Asbury hope you will come back sometime,Ben -----BEN: You decided to go out with a bang dealing with the most complicated material in all of Paul’s letters in Rom. 9-11 in your final chapter. This particular segment of Romans has been said to be the exegetes graveyard, where they go to die or at least die trying to figure it out. Let’s start with some of your ob … [Read more...]