What Child is This?— Part Three

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What Child is This?— Part Two

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What Child is This? Part One

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Bi-Lingual Inscriptions in Galilee

Here is an interesting article about the discovery at Sepphoris, near Nazareth, of bi-lingual (Aramaic and Greek) inscriptions.http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/01/27/israeli-archaeologists-find-inscriptions-in-the-galilee-in-the-language-of-jesus-these-are-the-words-theyve-deciphered-so-far/What should be noted about this is the following: 1) Galilee was a mixed language milieu. Probably both Jesus and the disciples knew some Greek as well as their native Semitic languages Aramaic … [Read more...]

Meditations for the Lenten Season— Part One

The term Lenten comes from the English word 'lengthen' referring to the lengthening of the days as one progresses towards Easter. Here is the first of several meditations for your reflection during Lent, this one for today, Ash Wednesday.RSVPTo move from fast to feast, From ashes to riding an ass, From wilderness wandering God’s willingness wondering To follow the way of the cross To find what was utterly lost All this was Lent to us.The cup not passed over By our P … [Read more...]

Having the Mind of Christ—- A Sermon

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Ian Rankin’s Even Dogs in the Wild


Perhaps you are old enough to remember cassette tapes, or even reel to reel tapes. The thing that happens at the very end of a rewind is that the tape goes into a sort of hyper-drive spinning at 90 miles an hour and then finally, abruptly reaching the end. And you wonder why it doesn't just break or fall apart. This aptly describes the end of this novel, which has plenty of curiosities and mysteries along the way, but towards the end.... well the reading becomes rabid as you race to find out … [Read more...]

In Case You Wondered What Real Rock and Roll Was Like— Part Five

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbVj96_yk_oHere's a nice tribute at the Kennedy Center to Gordon Summoner, a mere jazz bassist in Newcastle until a drummer found him and they launched the Police. And the rest is history...... … [Read more...]

A Hot Play from Coldplay and James Cordon for the Super Bowl

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