JOHN’S DREAM HOME Today it is our task to examine John of Patmos’ dream home, the destiny and destination to which he has been pointed in his vision and to which he points us. John knows that God has put in the heart of every human a homesickness, that can only be cured when one enters the new Jerusalem. Stuck on a God-forsaken island, in exile from home and hearth and friends and family, John dreams a big dream of… Read more

TRANSFIXED ( Rev. 21.1-22.5) THE LONGING FOR HOME Have you ever really longed to go home? You been away for a long time, and you miss the friends, the family, the food, the physical landscape that spells home. You miss that profound sense of being at home, at rest, in sanctuary, secure, and beyond reproach. Far from the madding crowd, far from the busyness and anxieties of life. In his beautiful poem Heaven-Haven Gerard Manley Hopkins puts it this way:… Read more

One of the questions human beings have pondered for many centuries is— Are we human beings alone in the universe? By this was meant— Are we the only intelligent life in the universe? I forego the debate about whether there is even intelligent life on earth itself. Recently, it has often seemed the answer to that question is a big fat NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Besides the warring madness of our species, we also seem to be the only creatures on our planet… Read more

1954 was a long time ago. I was three! This is when Estes Chapel first opened and had its first worship service at Asbury. And here they are! Lot’s has changed since then, most recently a total refurbishing of Estes and a rebooting of worship there on May 8th. And amazingly enough, there was at least one person present on May 8th, who was also there in 1954. The chapel was actually built with the aid of student labor, including… Read more

Midway is a cute little town midway between Lexington and Frankfort. There’s a new candy shop there, and if you look close, this is a horse made out of candy. This horse should be called Sugar! I’ve told you before coffee was a beverage invented in a monastery in Ethiopia. Perhaps however, you didn’t know that the word itself has a Christian meaning, like this sign in a window of a shop in Midway….! Read more

BRAINSTORM A bolt from the blue Targeted you… And then rain on the brain In the main, leads to pain or… Plain thinking. Thunder, on the other hand As in thunderstruck Makes or breaks or wakes you To new levels of sight, and insight Lightning enlightening the spark of a notion A flash of brilliance Illuminating the mental ocean Alleviating the tedium of a mentally Grey day Where the clouds of unknowing Won’t go away, And you haven’t the foggiest… Read more

Here’s an interesting article about a notebook of the work of a scholar in Cambridge that was on the original KJV translation team. BW3 Read more

Here’s an interesting article about a notebook of the work of a scholar in Cambridge that was on the original KJV translation team. BW3 Read more

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The reviews are now in and they are not all positive, or even overwhelmingly so. There are a variety of reason. The movie at 135 minutes even with plenty of action is somewhat too long. But the real problem with this film is that Alden Ehrenreich, although not lacking in boyish charm, hasn’t got the Schtick or sarcasm or bite of even a young Harrison Ford. It’s not that he’s bad in the role, but he had a lot to… Read more

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