Quote of the Day from CKB— on ‘one thing I know’

The great scholar is not a person who has a multiplicity of interests in life, who dips into this, looks at that, tastes one enjoyable thing after another. I have known these sort of people and I know the single minded intensity of thought and labor which makes them. We are apt to think of the very learned as unemotional, dull; far from it. No one would ever do such work without a dominating passion, an all absorbing thirst driving him. The person who can say ‘one thing I know’ is a person who g … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB— The Problem with Word Studies

Again and again the great themes of biblical theology, of the Gospel, are illustrated not by specific discussions but by stories. That is why the concordance is not an infallible guide to what the Bible has to say on any given subject. For example, if you wanted to learn about faith you could find out a good deal by looking the word up in a concordance. But the concordance would not send you to this passage [2 Kngs. 6.16-17], because the word faith is not here, but the idea is. CKB … [Read more...]

Christian Faith as a Basis of Religious Freedom– Larry Hurtado

Despite all the Christianity bashing, including even on this website, a more sober assessment of Christianity is called for, not least in regard to the issue of religious freedom. Here is a first rate blog post by my friend Larry Hurtado from last month that deserves pondering. See what you think--- BW3 Early Christian Roots of Religious Freedom by larryhurtadoThe first person to claim freedom of religion as a right was Tertullian, a Christian teacher in Carthage, in a Latin … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolution 2— You need Armorall

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New Year’s Resolution— Do not Follow the Lemmings!

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A Change is Gonna Come…….

Recognize this dude----- he just turned 65! Yikes! … [Read more...]

Judge Not Lest……

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Church is a Mooooving Experience

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Adventures in ‘La La Land’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pdqf4P9MB8If you grew up in the era of big budget musicals on the big screen (think everything from Music Man to Hello Dolly to the Sound of Music), then 'La,La Land' will not seem so unique. It is however an excellent film with lots of heart, great music, enjoyable stars (Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling make for an interesting pairing) 'traditional' cinematography, and a romantic story line. And amazingly it mostly avoids bad language, and it has absolutely zero … [Read more...]