Deep Water Horizon— Troubled Waters'm not a big fan of disaster movies, with rare exceptions (e.g. Titanic, Poseidon Adventure). This movie is another one of those rare exceptions. It is excellent from stem to stern, or port to bow, or front to back. The acting is excellent, the story is believable, the disaster was real, and the consequences catastrophic. If you ever had a doubt about what a disaster fossil fuel (aka oil) drilling can be, watch this movie, or just ask a lot of … [Read more...]

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A Visit to UNC and an Old Friend

Ah, real libraries. They appear to be endangered species the way people are reading less and less real books, as in the kinds that sit on shelves in libraries. The kind where you have actual knowledgeable librarians, and don't assume you know everything because you can browse it on the internet. Well the picture above is the Louis Round Wilson library on the campus of UNC, and I am proud to say, he was a relative of mine--- we called him Uncle Louie, and he single-handedly brought that library … [Read more...]

On Church and State and our Current State of Politics

[The following is an excellent post by my friend James Howell, senior minster at Myers Park UMC in Charlotte. I think it's a needed word in this contentious season. See what you think.]Thursday, September 15 'Tis the Season #15: separation of church and state With much wisdom and foresight, the founders of America built a "wall of separation" between Church and state. Thomas Jefferson was adamant that the state has no business forcing religion on anybody, and that state-sponsored … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day from CKB

The death of Jesus was no accident, it was the working out of, the complete and adequate fulfillment of God’s purpose. To finish the quotation of Paul I had just begun—‘Christ died for our sins, according to the Scripture.’ This does not mean that Jesus went about working out odd coincidences to fulfill strange words of prophets who lived hundreds of years before. That would be to turn the Bible into a railway time table—a process not calculated to bring any great honor to the Scriptures or to … [Read more...]

Wesley Studies Seminar Announcement

Wesleyan Studies Summer Seminar June, 2017Asbury Theological Seminary and Asbury University are pleased to announce their fifth Wesleyan Studies Summer Seminar (WSSS) in June 2017. This seminar has been established to develop and support research, writing and publication in the broad field of Wesleyan studies. Benefits include free lodging and daily breakfast as well as an evening meal on the days (Monday and Thursday) that the seminar meets. In addition, scholarships are available … [Read more...]

Cartoon of the Day

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Cartoon of the Day

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