PILGRIM’S PAEAN The heaven’s open, the clouds do part To give a glimpse of heavenly art, The light which shines upon our earth Reveals his will, his work, his worth. The highest priest lifts up his hands The Father gives what he commands The prayer of priest who intercedes And speaks of all our human needs. Now sacrifice of lips and hands Is what of us our God demands Since Christ did end in death our need To offer others… Read more

TRAVELING MERCIES They really weren’t wise To travel that far But then pregnant Mary Didn’t follow a star. Unlike the sages Stargazers not kings, Whose journey to Herod Led to horrific things. The shepherds had visitors Who traveled the most Their singing was moving, The heavenly host. It’s quite unlikely Luke meant an inn, For elsewhere in Greek It’s a guest room for kin. So not in a barn But the ancestral home Twas a short trip for Jesus Who… Read more

AT 66 Savor the seasons of life all you can Send all your family a glimpse of His plan Spend, do not waste, the time which is dear Save your bright memories as darkness draws near. Take every chance to stay in the race Talk all you can about the meaning of grace Tread very lightly on young people’s dreams Tell everyone the Lord is what He seems. Praise all the efforts of those who do care Practice a patience… Read more

SOMETHING DEEP INSIDE Between living and dead Between heart and head Between flesh and blood Between soul and spirit, Something deep inside. Between thought and action Between image and reflection Between act and being Between sight and seeing, Something deep inside. Between silence and speech Between grasp and reach Between alone and lonely Between singular and only, Something deep inside. Between begotten and made Between art and artifice Between lost and mislaid Between offering and sacrifice, Something deep inside. Between… Read more

IF ONLY I I would have dressed up, Only it was too much trouble. I would have gone out, Only it cost too much. I would have driven, Only travel’s dangerous. I would have eaten, Only I weigh too much. I would have danced, Only I didn’t have a partner. I would have returned, Only it brought back bad memories. II I would have gone, Only I didn’t have time. I would have visited, Only I wasn’t wanted. I would… Read more

THE REBIRTH OF WONDER Jaded, Jaundiced Left out in the cold, Cynical, clinical Tired of getting old Looking for something, More glittering than gold… The rebirth of wonder. Seeking, searching Coming from afar Reaching, lurching Wishing on a star Wise guys, shepherds Bordering on bizarre Where’s the boy wonder? Child-like, crawling Wide-eyed, on his knees Compact, contact With everything he sees Babbling, bobbling Hoping to believe Wandering towards wonder. Silence, science Analysis complete Seeing, being Honest but discreet Empirical evidence… Read more

CREATURES OF HABIT Creatures of habit, Day after day Go about life, The same old way. Nothing disturbs Their orderly routine All must be neat, And all must be clean. They’re making their lists And checking them twice, Trying to make sure Their work will suffice. Impatient by nature They don’t suffer fools Gladly or otherwise Because of the rules. A place for everything For all there’s a place Don’t touch the guest towels But please wash your face. They… Read more

THE SECRET Hidden reality Like life in the womb Hidden reality Like death in the tomb Hidden away For the appropriate day Wrapped in enigma, cloaked in secrecy, Awaiting a wake up call with urgency. But how shall such a song be sung? A tale that’s never told, A trail that’s long gone cold, A mystery unrevealed, A truth that is concealed, Seems useless on first glance. Who said there was a secret, Who told us we must keep it… Read more

Casey was one of my students at Asbury, and someone of whom I am very proud. Here’s a Christmas blessing for you—– free, like God’s grace. Merry Christmas! BW3 Read more

MOTHER LOAD From the very beginning The burden was clear Sometimes bearable Sometimes severe Ate from the apple Shared it with him Disobeyed the order Indulged the whim. What was the outcome? The fruit of the act? She ‘knew’ good and evil? She experienced it in fact? Did the earth creature join her? Did he crumble into dust? Did he die in an instant? Or just tumble into lust? To love and to cherish Becomes ‘desire and dominate’ Objectify the… Read more

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