The Crosses of Easter– Four

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The Crosses of Easter- Three

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The Zookeeper’s Wife— A Tale for our Time graveyards with headstones turned over. Jewish Community Centers with bomb threats throughout the land. Poland in 1939? No, America in 2017. The more things change, the more they stay the same, and the perfect movie to comment on the hideous sin that is anti-Semitism is the Zookeeper's Wife, a true story about the hiding of Jews underneath the Warsaw Zoo during WWII by the zookeeper, and his wife Antonia. Some have compared this movie to … [Read more...]

The Crosses of Easter– Two

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One Shining Moment— UNC’s Sixth National Championship you've been paying attention, since 1957 when Carolina won it's first national championship with a 3 overtime win over Wilt Chamberlain's Kansas team--- in Kansas!! no team, other that John Wooden's 1960s-70s UCLA teams has either played in as many Final Fours (20) or won as many (6). Or put a different way, in the modern era of shot clock, 3 pointers, and dunking since 1982 when Michael Jordan made THE SHOT, no team at all has won as many … [Read more...]

The Crosses of Easter– One

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An Old Polish Legend courtesy CKB

There is an old Polish legend about a very bad old woman who died, and as you would expect, went to Hell. The story says Hell is a great deep pit, of which you can see the top from the bottom (I don’t know—haven’t been there). The old woman didn’t like it and tried to attract the attention of angels flying above at the top. One went to see what he could do. “Have you ever done a good deed?” he asks. At last she thinks of when she gave a carrot to a beggar. The angel goes away and comes back … [Read more...]

The risen Jesus is the historical Jesus— CKB

The parts of the New Testament that really prove the resurrection are not Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20.21. These are the stories of the first Easter. Of course I am not depreciating them; they are of great value. But taken in themselves and on their own, they could be wrong, they could be mistaken, they could be deliberate fiction, invented to bolster up a case. The parts of the New Testament that prove the resurrection are Matthew 1–27, Mark 1–15, Luke 1–23, and John 1–19 for … [Read more...]