New Year’s Resolution— Do not Follow the Lemmings!

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A Change is Gonna Come…….

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Judge Not Lest……

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Church is a Mooooving Experience

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Adventures in ‘La La Land’ you grew up in the era of big budget musicals on the big screen (think everything from Music Man to Hello Dolly to the Sound of Music), then 'La,La Land' will not seem so unique. It is however an excellent film with lots of heart, great music, enjoyable stars (Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling make for an interesting pairing) 'traditional' cinematography, and a romantic story line. And amazingly it mostly avoids bad language, and it has absolutely zero … [Read more...]

Seated in the Heavenlies

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The Christy Fund—- A Year End Appeal

Dear Friends:As most of you know, five years ago next month, our precious daughter Christy was found dead at 33 in her apartment in Durham N.C., felled by a pulmonary embolism. In trying to do something positive and constructive out of the chaos, I set up a scholarship fund in her memory at Asbury Theological Seminary. The fund is called the Christy Witherington Fund, and it supports female doctoral students seeking to pursue God's calling on their lives to teach and serve Christ. This … [Read more...]

A Week in the Fall of Jerusalem

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The Root of Jesse Has Surfaced!

This is a photo I took at the Ansel Adams exhibit in the San Antonio Museum. … [Read more...]