Use your Head!

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Ne Plus Ultra

There was a point in time when the Spanish flag had the motto– Ne Plus Ultra i.e. there is nothing of importance beyond our realm. That is until Christophoro Columbo sailed the ocean blue to the West Indies, and they had to change the motto to ‘Plus Ultra’ There is more beyond. Yet, somehow we have lots of Christians who seem to be rather like the fish in this cartoon…. Read more

Thor— End of Days (Ragnarok)

Marvel keeps adding stars to its universe, and continues to cross fertilize various of its comic book lines. This time, we have Thor and Hulk teamed up, an unlikely pair if there ever was one, except for the smash and thrash part and oh yeah, the lack of great intelligence. This story however is primarily focused on Thor’s mythological universe, and so on Asgaard, indeed on the demise of Asgaard. In order to make this movie more than just another… Read more

Winds of Doubt

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Nothing Much

Thanks to my friend Mark F. in Bellingham for the use of his cartoons in the next few posts. BW3 Read more

The Bible of the Reformation and Today— My CT Article

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An Ancient Roman Theater next to the Temple Mount?

(picture courtesy of CNN). The Israel Antiquities Authorities seem to have unearthed a Roman theater right next to the remains of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and underneath the famous ‘Wilson’s Arch Here is the link to the CNN article— The theater actually is the size of a small odeon where plays would be given and the archaeologists say it was unfinished, perhaps because it was being built during the Bar Kokhba revolt in the second century A.D. and… Read more

Timothy George on Reformation on Reformation Day

Timothy George is a good friend and fellow scholar, and I am happy to post here the essay he sent me about today, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. What the Reformers Thought They Were Doing FALL 2017 – VOL. 59, NO. 4 Timothy George This essay appears in the Fall 2017 issue of Modern Age. To subscribe now, go here. Five hundred years ago, on October 31, 1517, a thirty-three-year-old German professor named Martin Luther called for a public… Read more

The Prodigal Influence of the Prodigal Son Parable

THE PRODIGAL INFLUENCE OF THE PRODIGAL SON PARABLE One of the problems with some Biblical stories is that they are too familiar, and have gone through a myriad of adaptations and interpretations. Certainly one such story is the parable of the prodigal son. Recently, in working through the classic Methodist sermons of C.K. Barrett, my mentor, a not very surprising outcome was observed. Of the some 5,000 times Barrett preached over seven decades, the sermon he preached most often, some… Read more

Treats not Tricks— The UMC’s fasted growing Churches

Here is a positive and helpful article on church growth in the UMC, and where and how it is happening. Note that the majority of these churches are in the Southeast region of the UMC, and a good 40% of the senior pastors of these churches went to Asbury. Of the rest, another 30% or so are Evangelical pastors as well. None of these churches are in the Western Jurisdiction. Fastest-Growing UMC Congregations Led by Evangelical, Southern, Asbury-Educated Pastors Here’s… Read more

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