James Sire’s book Habits of the Mind can be commended to one and all. Here is a quote from this fine book—- “When loving the truth is quite out of fashion, as it is at present, the very mention of the word can call up hatred. Veritas otium Parit, said the Roman poet Terence –truth engenders hatred. The desire to flee truth is deep, deep in human nature, and that fact is not obscure to anyone.” It is one of… Read more

Here’s a small quote from my forthcoming capstone work entitled Convergence. See what you think—- BW3 Doing Biblical theology is not an exercise in pushing theological ideas around a pre-existing theological playing board. It is also not an exercise in reading later theological ideas back into the Biblical text, for instance the idea of the later distinction between God’s being and his doing, or the later fuller description of the Holy Trinity. The raw data for the construction of a… Read more

So, I hopped on my bike and made a little trek down to Vandy to give a couple of lectures…. Whilst lecturing down at Vandy, I was at a friends house where the following picture was hanging on the wall….. This house also featured a frog driven to drink by the bowdlerization of the ten commandments…. You never know what those Nashville cats will be up to next (cue John Sebastian and the Loving Spoonful). Read more

You turn the corner in the Corvette museum…. and there is a poster of Jesse James. No… he didn’t steal a Corvette, but he did rob the Bowling Green stagecoach…… Maybe it was one that looks like this. Meanwhile back to the actual subject of this museum….. Just when you thought it had ceased being weird…. then we are told that the Russians had something to do with the creation of the Corvette….. (no this is not fake news). See… Read more

Whilst at the Corvette museum one can: 1) take a ride in a vintage Corvette for 10 bucks, or 2) sit in a brand new one for free….. which option I took, of course. That’s me steering. I actually preferred a different color Vette, and so I bought a 1957 Carolina Blue Corvette roadster, for only $8.00. Voila!! Now about this museum. In fact Corvettes came into being in 1953, a mere two years after me. They were originally made… Read more

Perhaps you recognize that sight you can see just off I-65 in Bowling Green Kentucky. It’s the symbol of the Corvette Museum which resides there. You’ll notice the sinkhole right behind the museum. They had their own sinkhole experience in 2014 when the floor caved in under that locale, and swallowed up various vintage Corvettes (though not Prince’s Little Red Corvette). Here for example is one of the victimized vehicles after it was extracted—- And here is another—- In an… Read more

O.K. so what is all the shouting about in regard to this film? Is it really the epic harmonic convergence of all the themes along the way since Iron Man 1 hit the screen? Well, not so fast my friend. First of all, the cognoscenti are saying this is only part one of a two part blockbuster (spoiler alert for those who’ve not seen the film yet— DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS FIRST PARAGRAPH) and it better be, because… Read more

Here’s another excellent post by friend and colleague Larry Hurtado. See what you think. BW3 —– The Kingdom of God is “Within your reach” by larryhurtado It’s amazing how slowly the work of papyrologists influences the work of other scholars. Here’s an example. In Luke 17:20-21, Pharisees ask Jesus when the kingdom of God will come, and Jesus responds exhorting that it doesn’t come “with observation” (a term used also for medical observation of symptoms) and by pointing “here or… Read more

Here’s a helpful post by my friend and colleague Larry Hurtado. BW3 Women in the Jesus-Movement by larryhurtado Last night in the UK, Channel 4 aired a TV documentary on the evidence of women’s involvement in the ministry of Jesus and the earliest Jesus-movement, featuring Professor Helen Bond (New College, Edinburgh) and Professor Joan Taylor (Kings College London). On the whole, and for the popular TV audience for which it was prepared, the programme was interesting and informative. The main… Read more

The following is a recent essay by Scott Kisker, and I entirely agree with him. Neither of the contemplated options the bishops are considering are Methodist, because either one in essence destroys our connectional system and thereby our unity. We can’t have a local church option on sexual ethics, marriage, and what counts as holiness and appropriate lifestyle when it comes to ordination and still be a Methodist Church. Neither Wesley nor Asbury would recognize such a ‘local option’ as… Read more

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