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The Truth Will Make You Free To see how this applies in the practical process of translation, John 8 contains a much-quoted dialogue between Jesus and the Jews, Ioudaioi (and that is another word that needs unpacking, but not right now). As he tells them, “you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free [eleutherosei]” (8. 32). The text is so familiar that we miss its meaning. Anyone hearing this at the time would note the key… Read more

Slaves and Servants So how did Greek slaves become mere English (and German) servants? In English, we can in part blame the ghosts of Latin. When Greek was translated to Latin, doulos naturally and correctly became servus, with the same meaning of slave or unfree. In the Vulgate, Romans naturally begins by introducing Paulus, servus Christi Iesu. Memories of the Vulgate remained strong in the minds of the Reformers who translated the text into English, even if they were notionally… Read more

In this and the next two posts, I am retreading some excellent discussion of slavery language in the NT by Philip Jenkins of Baylor. For my own thoughts on this see my commentary on Colossians, Ephesians, and Philemon (Eerdmans). BW3 Slavery, Euphemism, and the New Testament Translation is a difficult and devious process. You can render the individual words used perfectly and precisely, but still fall short of conveying the underlying concepts, without using lengthy footnotes. Here, I will look… Read more

“Students are not pleased when I point out that there is no indication in Scripture that God has a plan for the life of each individual. God has a plan that we should come to maturity in Christ and to holiness, but there was no basis for thinking that God has a plan for who we should marry or what job we should have or where we should go to seminary. It isn’t surprising; wise and loving fathers [and mothers]… Read more

Ann and I with the Barretts, Penelope and Martin, the children of CKB at the celebration of his centenary in Durham, England. In the recent and enjoyable collection of testimonies entitled I Still Believe Morna Hooker, one of Barrett’s students, as was I tells the following revealing tale—- “It was while I was teaching at King’s that I found myself escorting my old friend Professor Barrett, who had come to lecture at the College, through the courtyard. Old buildings on… Read more

  By conservative estimates and studies, about one out of every three women who attended church last week, have at some point in their lives been abused— physically, sexually, spiritually. This is of course in part of the ongoing coarsening of our culture, in which sex, sexually explicit material is everywhere on display, in which porn is everywhere on the internet, even sneaking its ads into news websites and sports websites. Women are objectified and sex objects, rather than respected… Read more

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The Green collection includes an extensive number of partial or whole Hebrew manuscripts, including some whole Torah scrolls, and below you will see one from the west (Ashkenazy torah scroll) and one from the east (Sephardic scroll). Also of the thousands of manuscripts in the Green collection, there are some genuinely ancient ones, for instance the prayer book below. The next to last image below of a scroll which was so large, I couldn’t save the image as vertical. Read more

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