Gary Hoag’s Wealth in Ancient Ephesus and 1 Timothy– Part Nine

Q6b.BEN: I also found it puzzling that you found the Eve example not to have anything to do with her instruction, and yet the Genesis story tells us that only Adam received the proper instruction about the tree, and apparently did a lousy job of conveying the one commandment to Eve. In other words, she was deceived because she had not first been properly instructed, which Paul sees as the danger with these elite women he is discussing. Finally, I was puzzled by your reading of 1 Tim. 2.15 where … [Read more...]

Richard Hay’s Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels— A Review

A REVIEW OF RICHARD HAYS’ ECHOES OF SCRIPTURE IN THE GOSPELS, (BAYLOR, 2016) (A fuller and annotated version of this review will appear as an Appendix in my forthcoming book Isaiah, Old and New).I was teaching in Nova Scotia in June of 2015 and with the encouragement of a friend and the exhortation in Is. 55.1b in mind, I visited the local winery where they produce ice wines. What are ice wines you may ask? They are wines that come from the practice of leaving grapes on the vine into t … [Read more...]

Richard Hays’– Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels– a Dialogue

(The full review of the book will come in tomorrow's blog post).“Richard B. Hays, The George Washington Ivy Chair of New Testament, Duke University, one of world’s most important and celebrated New Testament scholars, will release his most important book in June (Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels, Baylor University Press [add link]). I had the chance to discuss the book with Dean Hays.” Richard this book has been long in the making, as you expl … [Read more...]

The Boston Marathon Redux– A Sermon for Patriot’s Day

1993 seems like a very long time ago these days. It was the year I went to Boston and ran the Boston marathon with about 5,000 others. In those days there was no need for a certain qualifying time unless you wanted to compete for a timed outcome. I didn't I wanted to just run and finish the Boston marathon as a personal goal. I had run the Cleveland in 1990, but this was the big enchilada, so to speak (I've been in Texas too many weeks it appears). For someone who has actually run the … [Read more...]

All Scripture is Inspired—- David Watson on the Bible as God’s Word the ongoing debate in Methodism about the passages in the OT and NT that say that same sex sexual activity is immoral, one of the strategies of those who would change the Discipline's statements that affirm this Biblical stance, is to suggest that some parts of the Bible are less inspired than others, or worse, argue to de-canonize such passages. Here is a sane response to Adam Hamilton's suggestions on that front. See … [Read more...]

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes– The White Worm

I must say at the outset that I am very very picky when it comes to Sherlock Holmes stories by someone other than the originator, Conan Doyle. I mean I have the fully annotated Baring-Gould edition of all the original stories as they appeared in the Strand with the original pictures. There have been some good further adventure stories, including the recent film Mr. Holmes starring Ian McKellen as the old Holmes in retirement trying to solve one unresolved case whilst tending to his bees. That … [Read more...]

Americana– Waco Style Part One

So whilst here in Waco for six weeks, one has time to sample the local 'culture', I use the term loosely. There is indeed culture here at Baylor, but so far as the town goes.... well, there is the food culture. Look closely at the picture above. Yep, the name of that restaurant is Health Camp, proudly serving greasy burgers and onion rings since 1949. On the plus side.... they have about 50 different choices of excellent milk shakes and malts (remember malts?). So when you walk in, you … [Read more...]

Those Talking Animals— Again … [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It— Here’s Why I’m not a Calvinist … [Read more...]