The Sermons of John Wesley– A New Edition

The Sermons of John Wesley– A New Edition October 13, 2013

For over a century there have been proper critical editions of the works of Luther and Calvin. But it has only been in the last fifty years that we have begun to have a proper critical and annotated edition of the works of John Wesley. It it thus not entirely a surprise that what was available when I was young when it came to Wesley’s Standard Sermons were actually reprints of nineteenth editions of his works. Now that we do have the four volumes of his sermons in the Wesley works series with Albert Outler’s fine notes (Abingdon), it was time for there to be an accessible edition of Wesley’s sermons that would be especially helpful for spiritual formation purposes and general soul enrichment. I am especially pleased to be able to endorse the new volume by my colleague Ken Collins and Jason Vickers simply entitled The Sermons of John Wesley. The volume is useful for many reasons, not least of which it is in a one volume paperback, and it includes not only the ‘standard 44’ sermons (part of Methodism doctrinal standards) but additional important sermons that give us a clearer view of Wesley’s preaching. Furthermore, the sermons are arranged not according to chronology but according to ‘the way of salvation’– justification, sanctification etc. and thus are ideal for doctrinal study as well. We have all his important Sermon on the Mount sermons as well which makes clear Wesley’s Christian ethic. If you can only manage to purchase one summary of Wesley’s essential preaching, teaching, and theology, this is the book for you. Highly Recommended.

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