Worship at Christmas– Part Three

Worship at Christmas– Part Three December 16, 2013

It’s about time we talked about the angels, and I’ve got one below singing for you (aka known as Allison Kraus, with the help of no less than Yo Yo Ma on cello). Angels are involved in worship (see Rev. 4-5). Indeed, 1 Cor. 11 suggests they are the guardians of the creation order which is supposed to be celebrated in worship, as is the order of redemption. In fact, one could say that worship is the time when creation is properly aligned and properly recognizing their Maker and celebrating their submission to their Maker. This was what God intended in the first place, and eschatological worship is meant to replicate heavenly worship. Indeed, some theologians would say that earth and heaven worship together, that the saints in heaven and the saints on earth worship in unison, but only when those on earth worship ‘in Spirit and in truth’. We will say more about the truth aspect in a future post.

Let’s be clear that worship can be done in many styles. It’s not about style, its about substance and theology and focus. I love all kinds of music, and God can be praised using most any sort of music. So in that spirit, here is the queen of Bluegrass singing her heart out, and the tune is the traditional carol— the Wexford Carol.

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