The Gulet Boat——

The Gulet Boat—— June 1, 2014

If you’ve been wondering why there has been a regular spate of guest posts on this blog as well as some unanswered questions, it is because— I be gone. Since May 12th I’ve been to Israel and Turkey for a week each, and now I’m cruising on the Gulet boat down the coast of Turkey heading for Rhodes and various other islands. Yes the island life for me…. very temporarily. Never fear, I shall return to tell many tales about this adventure. The first two weeks I was leading a tour group… now I’m just enjoying touring with Ann, Yuliya, Elaine (Ann’s sister), and some regular traveling buddies. More before too long….. In the meantime you can all be humming along to Yellow Submarine, only with the lyrics as follows— “In the time when I was born/ lived a man who sailed the sea/ And he kept us all afloat/ on his splendid Gulet boat… (all together now) “We all live on a big Gulet boat, a big Gulet boat, a big Gulet boat….” etc.

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