CKB on Faith and Science

CKB on Faith and Science November 17, 2016


“The real trouble with materialism is that it is narrowing and immature. It does not take into account the whole breadth and sweep of human experience. It is faith that gives coherence to scientific thought, for faith means that behind the infinite variety of phenomena, there is no mere haphazard association of chances, but purpose and mind and reason. Christians ought to be the first explorers of the universe, for they know that it is the expression of personal consistent will, and that therefore it does make sense. Of course that does not mean that to be a Christian is automatically to know all the physics, and biology, and astronomy there is. To suggest it would be silly. It does mean that the way to personal and intellectual and true maturity is not to turn your back on Christianity but to take it seriously.” —C.K. Barrett

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