CKB on Our Moral Malaise— Quote of the Day

CKB on Our Moral Malaise— Quote of the Day January 7, 2017


I think that this failure to think seriously about God and sin is at the back of the moral disorder in our own day. That a weak, sentimentalized, humanized view of God is going about, there is no doubt. You can find the details in the newspapers. I shall not go into them. I am merely putting two and two together; and I am sure that the answer is four. A learned Jew in Cambridge, Mr. Loewe whose death a few years ago was certainly hastened by his labors for and his passionate sympathy with Jewish refugees once said ‘The trouble with the world today is there is not enough righteous indignation in it.’ Well, how do you expect to find righteous indignation in it if even God is not allowed to have any? Especially in these days when science can make possible so many social sins without social consequences what sanction can there be but— God? (written in 1943).

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