Akedah— The Sacrifice

Akedah— The Sacrifice April 15, 2017



Did he ponder Isaac
Whilst hanging on the cross
A last second substitution
Just before all was lost?

Is this why he cried out
‘My God, My God’ so loud
Showing disappointment

Before a hostile crowd?

Where’s God’s intervention,
Offering another lamb
Or would He be passed over
A dangling great I AM?

Abandoned but begotten
Left to face his fate?
Would help arrive in ‘nick of time’
Or would it come too late?

Where’s the lamb, asked Isaac
And told ‘God will provide’
But Jesus died in plain sight
No place for grace to hide.

Jesus, like old Isaac
An only begotten son,
Isaac was no substitute
But Jesus was the one.

We like sheep have gone astray
Unblemished lambs we’re not
God led the One to slaughter
The Passover he’d begot.

Offering isn’t ‘finished’
Until the sacrifice
For any true atonement
Blood shed must suffice.

Behold the Lamb of God
Who takes away our sin
God accepts no substitutes
For Jesus, in the end.


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