Norfolk’s Finest– Virginia Wesleyan– Part Two

Norfolk’s Finest– Virginia Wesleyan– Part Two May 27, 2017


Virginia Wesleyan has a lot of positive features: 1) a thriving Christian worship and Bible study and fellowship program lead by Asbury grad and my cousin Rev. Greg West; 2) it has a notable and healthy ethnic diversity of students; 3) it’s teams are known as the…. well you guess from the picture below—-

One of the great advantages of a small campus is the excellent student teacher ratio and personal approach to academics and faith life on this campus. Here’s the library and study areas…


One of the interesting features of the library is the computer lab is sealed off from the rest of the library at some late hour, but it remains open all day and all night, and one has to use your student ID and a password to get in after hours. In the works is new housing and new sports fields, among other things. But most importantly, the Christian faith is alive and well on this campus, and Greg is busy putting the Wesleyan back in Virginia Wesleyan.

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