With Liberty and Justice League for All

With Liberty and Justice League for All December 13, 2017

Some people have the theory, ‘if some is good, more is better’ and this notion has affected, or perhaps infected, the comic book movie universe— the X Men, the Avengers, and from the DC universe the Justice League. It has to be said that for the most part, the previous DC movies on the whole, have not measured up to the best of the Marvel movies, and indeed they have even produced some dogs— namely Batman vs. Superman. Nobody but nobody wanted to see Superman killed. On the other hand, the Wonder Woman movie from early last summer was quite good, and gave hope that Gal Gadot might not save the world, but she might save the DC movie franchise.

Justice League is not overly long, only 110 minutes, and it has its good moments, especially the comic relief played by the sophomoric turn by Barry Allen aka the Flash. And this movie needed some comic relief from the unrelenting smashing of the bad guy, Steppenwolf. Bad guys who have neither any redeeming feature nor any intelligence but just try to smash their way to their goals, are frankly pretty boring. Also rather lame is the notion of three power cubes controlling all the energy in the world or universe. As for the acting— Gal Gadot gets an A-, Ezra Miller as Flash also an A-, Amy Adams as Lois Lane doesn’t provide us enough sample size (but she’s great in almost any role), Ben Affleck as Batman gets about a B-, Jason Momoa is about a B (nice muscles), Henry Cavil as Superman is a little too understated and again not enough sample size, and then Ray Fisher as Cyborg doesn’t show much emotional range, so also B-. Jeremy Irons as Alfred however is quite good, but under used too. Ditto Diane Lane as Clark’s mom.

As I said, the script has its comic moments, but frankly it doesn’t have much creativity and the ending is all too predictable— final battle, guess who wins? The DC universe needs to be populated by better script writers, and not just good joke tellers.

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