The Museum of the Bible—Part One

The Museum of the Bible—Part One February 5, 2018


Without question, one of the most spectacular new museums not merely in the U.S. but in the world is the new museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. which Ann and I got to go spend time in early last month. This museum has a basement plus six floors, or 430,000 square feet. It is huge, and easily the largest Bible museum anywhere. What you see above is the ceiling in the entrance way which constantly changes picture, in this case a picture of the Sistine chapel. I could stand and watch it for hours. In the coming weeks I will be doing numerous posts about the new museum, including some video clips, as we filmed many of them on location. In any case, I encourage you to put a visit to this museum on your bucket list. It’s got many great exhibits and features.

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