My Suggestions about a Way Forward when it comes to the Gun Issue

My Suggestions about a Way Forward when it comes to the Gun Issue February 23, 2018

To me a reasonable partial solution to all this gun violence is as follows:
1) ban bump stocks;
2) ban armor piercing bullets;
3) reinstitute the ban on assault weapons;
4) make 21 the age when it is legal to buy guns, Kids should be able to vote and even have a drink before buying a gun surely!;
5) universal background checks, and sharing of databases;
6) a two day waiting period after purchase, so the data bases can be double checked and further criminal and mental health background checks can be done;
7) no special rules for guns bought at gun shows, or guns bought second hand from a pawn shop, a neighbor etc. No loopholes!
8) let large retail stores like Walmart voluntarily stop carrying guns! Make them less readily available;
9) regulate closely the sale of such weapons online;

10) the Supreme Court needs to ban large corporations and organizations like the NRA from contributing to political candidates by making large donations to their campaigns and therefore buying influence.

One other related matter. In view of how often the police seem to shoot to kill instead of disarming or shooting to maim when they are not even sure their target is really armed, we need better training for the police to use ‘shoot to kill’ as a last resort.

I realize this is too much to ask, but if even some of it was instituted and even some families were spared the tragedies we keep seeing, it would be worth it.

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