More Resources for Your Library on the Historical Context of the Bible

More Resources for Your Library on the Historical Context of the Bible April 24, 2018

One of the great historians and NT scholars of my era is Richard Bauckham, now retired and happily living in Cambridge and writing away on more important projects. Baker has helpfully now published many of his seminal articles of various sorts (historical, literary, theological, exegetical, etc.) in one collection entitled The Christian World around the New Testament (Baker 2017; also published in Europe by Mohr Siebeck). Like his fellow Cambridge man J.B. Lightfoot, Richard is polymath, highly skilled in numerous fields related to the NT, and like Lightfoot everything in grounded in a clear and firm grasp of the importance of history. This volume should be seen as a companion to his earlier compendium of essays entitled The Jewish World around the NT .

There are simply too many excellent essays in this most recent collection (garnered from over 40 years of writing these things) to mention them all, but if you wish to see a real historian and NT scholar at work then read the articles on the Martyrdom of Peter, the Canonicity of the Gospels, and perhaps Sabbath and Sunday in the Post-Apostolic Church. This volume repays careful reading on a huge variety of subjects, and can be found here on amazon—-

The volume is only in paperback in terms of an affordable format, not in Kindle.

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