The Nature of Biblical Theology

The Nature of Biblical Theology May 4, 2018

Here’s a small quote from my forthcoming capstone work entitled Convergence. See what you think—- BW3

Doing Biblical theology is not an exercise in pushing theological ideas around a pre-existing theological playing board. It is also not an exercise in reading later theological ideas back into the Biblical text, for instance the idea of the later distinction between God’s being and his doing, or the later fuller description of the Holy Trinity. The raw data for the construction of a theology of the Trinity can be found in the Bible, but that articulation is not already present in detail in the Bible. And so the person doing Biblical theology, or trying to discern the theology in the Bible, must be satisfied with some incomplete answers, some partial conclusions, that will and do require further amplification, pursuing the same trajectory but going further than we find expressis verbis in the Bible itself.

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