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Resources for your Library May 11, 2018

(Yes that’s me in the hot seat of a vintage Sting Ray)

Recently my friend Larry Hurtado commended the Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek (ed. F. Montanari), and with good reason. It gives coverage other dictionaries don’t both from classical Greek literature and the early church fathers as well as the LXX and the NT itself. Now Brill books are hardly ever cheap, but you know the old saying— you get what you pay for. That is very often true when it comes to resources to study the Bible. Beware of stuff that is free on the Internet— a lot of it is not worth the pixels it’s printed on your screen with. Which is why most people need a guide to what’s worth investing in, and what isn’t. This dictionary however is definitely worth it because of its coverage, which is often much broader than BDAG and other similar resources. I paid about $150 for the hardbound edition, and it is totally worth it. It will be my go to resource for the foreseeable future. In my next post, I will demonstrate with an example. Stay tuned.

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