Lindisfarne Liturgy

Lindisfarne Liturgy May 25, 2018


Was it ever thus, then and there
So no one need ask who, when and where
The stones themselves cried out
With the metal bells
That God was in his heaven
Though some were in their hells…

Did it seem quite fixed, fashioned, formed
So few would dare to query, quibble, quit
The pilgrimage well-trodden
Up the Dun Cow Lane
To Cuthbert’s choired cathedral
Saints sung the same refrain…

From holy isle, aisle, I’ll
Never look away, askance, above
The coffin that souls carried
With the saint within
Told of flesh untainted
By suffering, decay or sin…

The monks had come chanting, ranting, granting
Absolution’s peace, power, presence
The river that they forded
Afforded a new start
For grace was in the water,
And Spirit in the heart…

Illuminated Gospel, Godspell, Godspiel
Good news traveled first, fast, far
As Bede had long intended
Throughout a darkened age
The light would ne’er go out
If shared on Norman stage…

And so the saints keep coming, drumming, humming
The tune all may hear, fear, revere
Of Yesu who cried kingdom
And miracles awoke
For God was on his earth
Christ his Master stroke…

So let us raise a glass, goblet, chalice
To the Word renewed, returned, reviewed

The lion on the door
Shall give his Dunelm roar
When truth comes marching in
And light is seen once more.

(In honour of the summer 2013 return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to Durham)

BW3 April 28, 2013

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